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Curry Paste

(Steve grinds while Darrell stares)
Having this deeply flavored paste on hand makes short work of curry dinners. It also makes an excellent gift.

Fresh Local Organic

(Steve peels a grape)
The most important concepts to base your food shopping on. Find out why.

Gluten Free Flour

(Why have just one?)
Lots of people are sensitive to wheat or have a Celiac disease diagnosis  Jane shows you how to make a very simple gluten-free flour mix that can be used to make baked goods. Tip on where to get the products in the recipe.

Poached Egg

(A taxing meeting for Cynthia)
The Joy of Cooking method of poaching the incredible edible egg. Vortex required.


(The perfect grain inspires a song)
Get clear instructions for how to make this quick-cooking, nutrient-dense grain come out just right.

Roasted Winter Squash

(Steve's key to success)
From cutting safely to the final flavor drizzle, learn the step-by-step for roasting your autumn harvest of winter squash.

Soba Noodles

(Cynthia answers the call)
Soba noodles are made from buckwheat ( which strangely is no relation to the wheat plant) and wheat. This noodle makes a quick whole grain dish that can be dressed with peanut sauce or lemon tahini sauce or a simple vinaigrette. 100% soba ( all buckwheat) is available for those who are wheat sensitive.

What is a Whole Food?

(Has anyone seen Joaquin?)
Whole food is a slippery term used to indicate healthy. Let Cynthia define what is truly meant by whole with a short series of questions.

Why Use Sea Salt?

(Steve asks some granular questions)
Find out how to identify a high-quality salt and start adding valuable trace minerals to your food.

Wild Rice

(Does Cynthia really measure up?)
A unique and nutritious grain worthy of the patience involved to make it come out tender. Using the right amount of heat and time is imperative. Can be done as a family member embarks on a new hobby.