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Green Eggs (no ham)

(Steve does not like them in the fridge)

Cynthia schools us on where to get the best eggs. And then shows us her tricky little wilt-first method of adding nutritious leafy greens to this super-healthy breakfast.
Ben's Friday Pancakes

(Cynthia's frustration snowballs)
Magical flourless whole grain pancakes made by soaking steel cut oats and buckwheat groats overnight. Warm breakfast for cold mornings.

Chicken Cabbage Carrot Teriyaki

(Both Steve & Jane are interested in chippers)
A favorite in our home. Cook a pot of rice and stir-fry chicken and oodles of vegetables adding a sauce made from tamari, brown sugar, ginger, honey and garlic.

Chicken Tikka Masala

(Ward's extended stay)
You have to try this sassy saucy Indian dish.  The tikka sauce is a pure heaven combo of tomato sauce, heavy cream and spices.  Our recipe also offers a vegetarian version made with chickpeas.  Everybody's happy! 

Chili con Grass-Fed Carne

(Is chili Dutch?)
Crazy easy con carne. Cinnamon, onions, kidney beans, beef and tomatoes. The neighbors beg us to invite them over.

Chinese Vegetable Fried Brown Rice

(Breathless in Seattle
Open your mind to a better breakfast.  Sweet breakfasts don't suit everybody.  Many of us prefer a savory start to the day.  With cooked brown rice on hand preparation is only few minutes.  This dish works as a one-dish lunch or dinner too.

Chocolate Covered Coconut Macaroons

(Steve friends an old flame)
Steve reminisces while making this heavenly flour-free dessert. Coconut, honey, egg white and baking chocolate are all you need.

Coconut Maple Creme

(Ward seeks consenting adult)
This smooth and silky textured custard works on its own or with a few slices of brightly colored fruit on top. Cross your fingers for our not so smooth and silky Ward.

Gay's Mini Pot Roast with Many Vegetables

(Steve has a beef with the roast)
Lots of carrots, parsnips, potatoes and Brussel sprouts take a long trip with red wine and a modest piece of grass-fed beef. Tasty destination worth the drive.

Homemade Dog Food

(Ginger goes organic)
Keep your dog healthy by feeding  fresh food instead ground, dried, kibble made from the unused parts of unhealthy animals.  Also keeps their coat shiny, healthy and good looking. Be sure to also have a look the six-page pdf (linked in the recipe) that gives more details.

How to Cut Up a Chicken

(contains some graphic violence)
If Steve can do it, anyone can. Cutting up a whole chicken saves time, money and waste. Having a routine of cutting up and cooking a whole chicken can provide protein for several meals during the week.

How to Hard Boil an Egg

(Jane smells something fishy)
Non-violent hard-boiled eggs explained simply by Jane.  So easy you can check email and text while you're doing it.

How to Separate an Egg

Everybody has an opinion.

Huevos Rancheros

(Ward masters multitasking)
Traditional Mexican breakfast presents buttered corntortilla with fried egg on top smothered in tomatoes, chilies and onions. Grated cheese, avocado and black beans added make you want to shout ole.

Jeff's Potato Pancakes

(Jane practices for a date)
Everybody Loves Potato Pancakes.  It's true.  This recipe comes from Jeff Basom, former chef at Bastyr University and it is quite the favorite among the students for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Lemon and Herb Roasted Chicken

(Will Phil pass the test?)
Roasting a chicken (or two depending on your family size) saves minutes and money.  The flavorful chicken can be used for Sunday dinner, and then transformed into a Tuesday soup, a Thursday salad.

Mini Chocolate Lava Cakes

(Steve tries bazumba)
Chocolate, almond butter and salted caramel - oh my.  These cakes are quick to make, gluten free, and the soft middle melts in your mouth - does it get better? 

Mirin Baked Chicken with Shitake Mushrooms

(Facelift, the social network for Ward)
This succulent entrée is crazy simple.  The mirin (sweet rice wine) and tamari meld with the chicken to make a dark sweet sauce.  The oven does all the magic. 

Poached Egg

(A taxing meeting for Cynthia)
The Joy of Cooking method of poaching the incredible edible egg. Vortex required.

Rapunzel's Triple Chocolate Brownies

(Phil ties Jane's tongue)
Nobody complains about a pan of these coming out of the oven.

Roasted Kabocha and Chicken with Chocolate Enchilada Sauce

A combination inspired by Southern hemisphere gods, perfect for a northern hemisphere fall or winter supper.  Roast and dig in!

Split Pea Soup with Potatoes and Dill

(The new neighbor)
Not real pretty to look at but neither is the new neighbor.  We give you the how to on both a vegetarian version and one that includes ham. The cumin + dill marry well with peas.  Try it.  You'll see. 

Squash and Raisin Stuffed Chicken Breasts

(Steve sells home plate)
Stuffed chicken breasts sounds difficult and gourmet - not true. A fantastic way to renovate leftovers like roasted squash and extend a pound of chicken to feed a family. Very pretty morsels too!

Thai Coconut Chicken Soup

(Steve rebounds for soup)
This traditional Thai soup uses coconut milk, lemon grass and fish sauce to form a flavorful base.  The ginger garlic influence make it a perfect kill-the-cold  soup.  A popular family favorite.  We also give instructions for how to make this a vegetarian/vegan dish in the recipe. Enjoy!