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Fish Tacos w/Creamy Cilantro Sauce

(Ward barks up the wrong tree)
My family begs for these tacos which utilize lime & garlic marinated halibut and fresh vegetables with a mayo or yogurt cilantro-lime sauce drizzled in among the fish and vegetables.

Bourbon BBQ Prawns

(Our Ward is here to stay)
Ever wondered what spices and flavorings comprise that sassy New Orleans flavor?  We've spelled it out for you in this video. Vegetarians and vegans - replace the shrimp with cooked black-eyed peas (so good!).

Caribbean Lime Halibut

(The band gets a gig in Pasco?)
Marinate wild halibut in lime ginger and garlic; reduce the remaining marinade to a nice glaze after cooking the fish and everyone at the table will love you.

Dr. Bruce's Awesome Salmon

(Ward blends in)

There's a reason this is named awesome and it's all about the marinade - lime, ginger, garlic, scallions and toasted sesame oil team up for a big win.  Tips on how to choose healthy fish offered up from Steve.
Mussels with Apple Cider, Caper and Thyme Glaze

(Chef Becky Selengut mussels Cynthia out)
While Cynthia moonlights her friend Backy Selengut, author of Good Fish, steps in to teach you how to make this simply delicious seafood recipe.

Nori Wrapped Wasabi Salmon

(Harmony is lacking at band practice)
When you smear nori with wasabi, mustard and herbs and wrap it around salmon before cooking, the mineral-rich sea vegetable shrink-wraps the fish as it cooks and keeps it moist. The wasabi and herbs add kick.

Orange Glazed Salmon Kebobs with Yogurt Garlic Dip

(Ginger gets a bath)
Impress everyone at the dinner table with these savory sweet salmon morsels. The reduced orange, honey and tamari glaze and the cool yogurt dip will help Jane regain a smile after what she's just seen.

Pepper Crusted Seared Ahi

(Men throw fish at Jane)
Hopefully they threw no ahi tuna at her.  This delicate fish should be barely seared.  The black pepper crust and the fruity sauce elevate the fish dish to rock star status. Serve it to guests.

Poached Salmon Salad with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Gremolata

(Not the masters of their domain)
Unbelievable news revealed by Ward as Cynthia prepares this savory, mouth-watering salad from one of her favorite cookbooks. Blanched green beans, red onion, sun-dried tomatoes and wild salmon gently poached in aromatics. Try this one!

Samurai Salmon Bowl

(Ward moves on)
This combo of salmon, nori, avocado and zippy wasabi will have you leaping into action like a Japanese war lord.  Dine and conquer!

Smoked Salmon Reuben

(Jane loses her gloves)
Hands down the best comfort-food sandwich ever.  The sauerkraut works magic. 

Thai Coconut Chicken Soup

(Steve rebounds for soup)
This traditional Thai soup uses coconut milk, lemon grass and fish sauce to form a flavorful base.  The ginger garlic influence make it a perfect kill-the-cold  soup.  A popular family favorite.  We also give instructions for how to make this a vegetarian/vegan dish in the recipe. Enjoy!

Thai Yellow Curry Tempeh

(Ward lets it simmer)
Okay - you'll need to stretch yourself and shop for lemongrass, Thai red chilies, Kaffir lime leaves and fish sauce but the enhanced coconut milk will make you soon no matter what vegetables, tofu, chicken, shrimp or tempeh you invite in.