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Blanched Vegetables

(Steve loses by a nose)
Clear instructions for this useful cooking technique for broccoli, cauliflower and carrots.

Braised Greens

(Will Darrell barter?)
The BEST cooking method for assertive greens like kale and collards. Renders them tender and tasty.

Brown Rice in a Rice Cooker

(Jane's no dummy)
You need more water when cooking brown rice in the cooker. Jane's got this one down.

Curry Paste

(Steve grinds while Darrell stares)
Having this deeply flavored paste on hand makes short work of curry dinners. It also makes an excellent gift.

Fresh Local Organic

(Steve peels a grape)
The most important concepts to base your food shopping on. Find out why.

Ginger Tea

(Jane measures thumbs)
Cookus goes therapeutic.  Jane shows you how to make this simple strong tea that will get your stagnation flowing.

Gluten Free Flour

(Why have just one?)
Lots of people are sensitive to wheat or have a Celiac disease diagnosis  Jane shows you how to make a very simple gluten-free flour mix that can be used to make baked goods. Tip on where to get the products in the recipe.

How to Caramelize Onions

(Men doing what men do)
Patience grasshopper.  Watch these men do nothing while everything happens in the pan.

How to Cook Beans

(Ginger tries gardening)
Cook beans from scratch.  It's no big deal.  They taste much better than beans from a can.  Get the lowdown, all your questions answered (well as many as we could think of...)

How to Cut Lemongrass

(Cynthia finds the tender part)
The slender fragrant stalk that gives Thai food its unique taste can be daunting.  Not anymore.Watch.

How to Cut Up a Cabbage

Make life easier by watching our how to videos

How to Cut Up a Chicken

(contains some graphic violence)
If Steve can do it, anyone can. Cutting up a whole chicken saves time, money and waste. Having a routine of cutting up and cooking a whole chicken can provide protein for several meals during the week.

How to Cut Up an Onion

(Ward's love is here to stay)
There is a safe, respectful, tearless way to have a relationship with an onion.  Find out how.

How to Dice a Carrot

(Snowman made out of WHAT?)
Practice your geometry by carefully dicing a carrot.  How many little
squares can you make out of one carrot? How many does Cynthia make?

How to Hard Boil an Egg

(Jane smells something fishy)
Non-violent hard-boiled eggs explained simply by Jane.  So easy you can check email and text while you're doing it.

How to Make Ghee

(Carlotta needs clarification)

Magnify the flavor of spices by sizzling them in ghee to begin your dish.  An excellent cooking fat as it imparts the buttery flavor but holds a higher heat when clarified.
How to Make Vanilla Extract

(Jane's secret elixer)

Makes a special gift for your favorite cook.  Plan ahead!  
Why does Jane always keep some in her purse?
How to Operate a Pressure Cooker

(Cynthia lets off a little steam)
Today's pressure cookers are safe and efficient. I love using mine to cook beans, grains and root vegetables, even applesauce. Here's how.

How to Peel Ginger

(Steve dreams of peeling Mary Ann)
See how easy it can be with a spoon.

How to Pressure Cook Beets

(Cynthia feels cooped up)
People who tell me they hate this vegetable reconsider, maybe even fall in love, when they taste pressure-cooked beets.  The magic pot renders them tender and silky.  The gritty texture and sometimes dirty flavor goes away.  Cmon.  Give 'em a try.

How to season a cast iron skillet

(heat, fat, smoke, cool) Gentlemen, turn on your fans. 

How to Separate an Egg

Everybody has an opinion.

How to Sharpen a Knife

(Cynthia sees no reflection)
A dull knife is the most dangerous tool in the kitchen.  Learn this inexpensive, tried and true method of how to keep your knife sharp.  Soon you also will see no reflection (on the knife blade, not in the mirror…gee)

How to Toast Sesame Seeds

(Ward by a hair)

Open sesame, the famous phrase from the Arabian Nights, reflects the distinguishing feature of the sesame seed pod, which bursts open when it reaches maturity.  When toasted these lovelies add a magical flavor and texture to dishes like Edamame Tofu Salad with Sesame Chili Dressing and Asian Noodle Salad both of these dishes are perfect for potlucks and picnics. 
Mussels with Apple Cider, Caper and Thyme Glaze

(Chef Becky Selengut mussels Cynthia out)
While Cynthia moonlights her friend Backy Selengut, author of Good Fish, steps in to teach you how to make this simply delicious seafood recipe.

Poached Egg

(A taxing meeting for Cynthia)
The Joy of Cooking method of poaching the incredible edible egg. Vortex required.


(The perfect grain inspires a song)
Get clear instructions for how to make this quick-cooking, nutrient-dense grain come out just right.

Soba Noodles

(Cynthia answers the call)
Soba noodles are made from buckwheat ( which strangely is no relation to the wheat plant) and wheat. This noodle makes a quick whole grain dish that can be dressed with peanut sauce or lemon tahini sauce or a simple vinaigrette. 100% soba ( all buckwheat) is available for those who are wheat sensitive.

What is a Whole Food?

(Has anyone seen Joaquin?)
Whole food is a slippery term used to indicate healthy. Let Cynthia define what is truly meant by whole with a short series of questions.

Wild Rice

(Does Cynthia really measure up?)
A unique and nutritious grain worthy of the patience involved to make it come out tender. Using the right amount of heat and time is imperative. Can be done as a family member embarks on a new hobby.