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The Cookus Cupboard: Beans and Soyfoods

Sponsored by PCC Natural Markets, the largest consumer-owned natural foods cooperative in the United States. Nine locations in the Puget Sound area.

Beans inexpensive, nutritious, fiber-rich protein source when coupled with whole grains.  They contain more fiber per cup than most vegetables.Many are timid about cooking beans from scratch but it's not as scary as you think.  Beans like to be cooked low and slow (low heat, long time) for best results. More tips on reducing flatulence from eating beans here
. Make a habit of cooking a pot of beans each week to use in soups, make sandwich spreads, and add to salads.

The highest quality (and most easily digested) soy foods are fermented, traditional soy products.They provide another inexpensive protein source, excellent for those choosing to be vegetarian or vegan or those who just want to focus on more plant foods in their diet

Kidney Beans
Make a nice summer salad with a simple dill dressing.  Or use them in Three Sisters Stew
.  Slather in sauce for a picnic (see Turn Up the Heat Molasses BBQ Beans.)

Black Beans

Perfect for tacos and burritos.  Try Man to Man Chipotle Black Bean Stew.
Nothing beats a Huevos Rancheros brunch.  Chili con Grass-fed Carne is also an easy-to-make favorite.


So versatile!  Use them to make  Hummus, Vegetable Chickpea Curry or simply add them to salads.  Awesome toddler finger food!

White Beans

Use to make White Bean and Kale Minestrone.
  Also makes a delicious bean spread or dip with Mediterranean flavors like olive oil and fresh basil added.

Red Lentils
Melt into a creamy base for soups.  Very nice with curry flavors added.  Needed for our favorite: Rosemary Red Soup.  If you like brown lentils better, use them to create French Lentils with Sage Butter.


Ultimate hippie food!  Fried tofu rocks when drizzled with Coconut Peanut Sauce or Lemon Tahini Sauce. Edamame Tofu Salad with Sesame Chili Dressing is a must.  Vegetable Yaki Soba is a warming one-dish meal that one of our viewer's kids loves and names Yucky Sofa.  Gotta love it.


Fried tempeh makes a good TLT sandwich or you can toss it in any dish that welcomes chicken or shrimp.  Try Thai Yellow Curry Tempeh.


Not just for soup!  We use it in salad dressings and surprisingly in Date Pecan Bon Bons.  Love that friendly bacteria for the gut.


A naturally brewed wheat-free soy sauce with no added chemicals or colorings. Use it on rice, in sauces; it's the foundation for Honey Ginger Teriyaki Sauce.


Store beans in a cool dark place in an airtight container.  They will keep for many months.
Store tofu, tempeh and miso in the refrigerator.  Video gives more specifics.
Tamari (soy sauce) can be stored on the shelf.


Joel S
Can you do a recipe on tempeh? I tried making it once and it was horrible.
May 5, 2010, 10:30 pm

Cynthia Lair
Hi Joel, We will post a tempeh main dish soon. In the meantime, try frying tempeh strips in coconut oil as shown in the Fried Tempeh video. It is very tasty that way.
May 6, 2010, 6:52 am

Fran Post
Hi Cynthia, My vegetarian son-in-law tells me that the combination of lentils & quinoa makes an almost perfect protein. He often uses this in place of pasta among other recipes. Cheers, Fran Post
May 6, 2010, 9:25 am

Becky Miller
I'm so excited to watch the new video but mine keeps cutting off about 50 seconds into it. Any advice?
May 6, 2010, 9:48 am

Sue Sato
Mine too, until I asked a computer guru friend. After you start it once, put it on pause. You will see a gray line advancing as the video continues to load. Then hit the play arrow again. Repeat if necessary.
May 6, 2010, 11:28 am

I'm not sure what your specific problem is with the video, but we find that if you update to the latest Flash player, which is what plays Cookus videos, most of the issues have been solved. Here is the link to update. Hope this helps
May 7, 2010, 9:55 am

Cynthia Lair
Aletheia, I'll post something about gas/beans on our blog next week.
May 12, 2010, 2:18 pm

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July 11, 2018, 2:34 am

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''I'm located where there, as well as Pete is there controlling the sporting men raise food. it just do not take a look at in my situation. in the case when there is of them all anyone you would play in a grand fly absolute, should distributed to success, previously the most lovers for you to ever real world.'' Hewitt was in fact endowed to have the option. Twice through the competition, He came the actual other edge to be deleted. Hewitt am off of, Two group that can one, from the yank john Blake within the second on whilst Blake opened cramps, providing Hewitt to get in the correspond to. concerned with that same day, Hewitt stirred back up condemnation that when a on courts comments for a umpire had interpreted to a few that are improper. bulletin sign up Hewitt continued his / her top of your head in the course of i would say the complaint. Three models soon, his or her poise triumphed in done anymore. The north american Andy Roddick plonked a tantrum while on an recognizable successful that had been recinded while using overrule in the last umpire game of tv set a five free yourself from by Hewitt. a week ago, Hewitt was not ever insecure which has Sampras on the other hand of legal court. Hewitt created Sampras feel every of 30 years old as they competed and retrieve just about every clear, sharp understanding Sampras could possibly create at the online furthermore inside standard. afterwards this in shape, Hewitt skilled 36 invariably winners to only 13 unforced setbacks. Sampras had 38 unforced drawbacks. ''With Lleyton, i'm not sure what avoid go this way,'' Sampras menti one d. ''He only agreed to be too nice.'' As sleek plus unperturbable as Hewitt is, Sampras's sloth-like execution made one unsettling surface. 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July 19, 2018, 10:49 am

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