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Winners of Feeding the Young Athlete


Swings…loved going so high you felt like flying, playing frogger, doing crazy flippity dismounts. Now my 4 and 2 year olds spend most of their park time on the swings!
Christina from Santa Barbara

Do we have to pick just one…? I loved the pogo stick where I would just hop around all day but also the monkey bars, swings, jump ropes…and the list goes on!
Julie from Las Vegas

Keep moving ladies and gentlemen!  Flippety, froggin’ and pogo-in’.

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Cook's Garden Gourmet Lettuce Seed Giveaway

In April plants reemerge from the hibernation of winter.  The miracle of rebirth appears right before our eyes as we watch our neighbor’s azaleas blossom and see daffodils honking their yellow horns.  The desire to clean house and get outside feels biological.  And with it, there creeps into our consciousness the yearning to plant something.

Our giveaway this month comes from The Cook’s Garden, a company dedicated to cooks who love to garden and gardeners who love to cook.  Every variety of vegetable, herbs, fruit and flower seeds and starter plants can be found on their site, along with yummy recipes for utilizing the food you produce.  The Cooks Garden is offering three prizes to our good-hearted Cookus Interruptus followers.  Each prize includes one of each of the following seed packets:

City Mix Fuseables
A tasty blend of lettuce favorites.  City Mix is a traditional blend of colorful, tender red and green leaf lettuces; just right for your own carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes-or whatever else you’ve got coming up in the garden.  Learn more about City Mix here.  Perfect for Our Favorite Salad.

Global Mix Fuseables
The Global Mix blend includes Asian greens plus red and green leaf lettuces.saladcloseup
It’s a cosmopolitan combination that’s unusually tasty in salads, and also ideal for stir-fries. Learn more about Global Mix here:

Alfresco Mix Fuseables
Alfresco Mix is a classic Mediterranean mix. It includes buttery, tender red and green leaf lettuces together with peppery arugula, delicate endive, and firm, full-flavored radicchio. Learn more about Alfresco Mix here:

You can grow lettuce in your window!  Don’t even need a yard.  How do you enter to win your very own set of 3 seed packets?  Glad you asked.

  1. Be a subscriber of Cookus Interruptus.  Not a subscriber yet? Type your email address in the subscribe box right up there on the right above the blue navigation box.   There’s also a place to subscribe on our home page (upper  left).
  2. Complete the following statement: “Planting seeds and seeing the first sprout of green push up through the dirt reminds me that…”
  3. Leave a comment to this blog post with your response .
  4. Contest ends at 5 pm on April 18th . Check your email on April 19th .   The three winners  will be chosen by random.org.  If you don’t respond to your “winner” email within 24 hours, we will choose a new winner.

Haiku Winners!

Our crack team of haiku judges chose the following winners:

How could I not know
the glory of raw garlic?winner-is1
I have missed so much!
from Margaret

Round, red nemesis…
When did you become my friend?
Please, I want more beets!
from Shannon

Canned corn. What a bore.
On the cob the taste explodes
Yum, corn on the cob!
from Barbara

Thank you to all who participated!