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Grow Cook Eat Winner

Yee haw for Becky from Winston Salem, North Carolina!

Random.org spun out #56.

She wrote, “My favorite thing about my garden is the fact that it’s right outside my back door. It’s easy to sneak in a few minutes of gardening since it’s so close to the house and I like being able to see it easily from my back door.”


Loved loved loved hearing about everybody’s garden!  Willi did too.  And some folks posted pictures – extra credit!  The most touching thing was that so many posts began with the words “I love…”.  Anybody else notice that?

Book Giveaway: Grow Cook Eat by Willi Galloway

CONTEST CLOSED.  Thank you for sharing your love of gardens!

I’m proud as spring peas to bring you this beautiful, practical book for our next giveaway.  Already in it’s third reprint (after being available for like two monthes…), this how-to from Willi Galloway is hotter than a serrano pepper.

Described as ” A Food Lover’s Guide to Vegetable Gardening, Including 50 Recipes, Plus Harvesting and Storage Tips” we feel this book is perfect for our Cookus Interruptus friends who are gardners or those dreaming of a little garden.  From sinking a seed into the soil through to sitting down to enjoy a meal made with vegetables and fruits harvested right outside your back door, this kitchen gardening book is filled with  useful information for both novices and seasoned gardeners alike. Continue reading