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Sweet Potato Flour Winners: Froggy and Bug!

Okay.  We had quite a slew of nickname confessions arrive at our virtual doorstep.  Luckily there were the endearing pet names like: Petunia, Sugar Plum, Rosebud, Pumpkin, Jellybean, Honey Bee , Freckles and my favorite, Violet Taffy.  Some of the names that father’s and brothers doled out showed orneriness.  These included: Tim-Tam, Swampy, Moofkie, Pill, Monkey Doodles (those were the more innocent ones) then came Stinkbomb, Lizard Lips, Osteo Al, Duckbutt, Neener, Pookie Ding Dong and (poor child) Elk Puke.  Wow.

Random.org gave us the two winners we need for this unique food product.

# 36 Seth who was nicknamed:

“Froggy, I used to stick my feet in my mouth while floating in the swimming pool… my mom thought I looked like a frog….”

and #58 Andrea from Tempe, AZ , who wrote:

“My uncle (mom’s brother) called me “bug” when I was a kid, but I don’t know why. Maybe short for “cute as a bug”???  And, I’m not sure why my mom always called me “sis” (maybe she always wanted a sister). Her side of the family is weird with nicknames though because she is known to the family as “Suzie” or “Suzie-Q” , but her name is Joan. Lol!”

Thank you to everyone.  Fun reading the names.  Enjoy the flour Froggy and Bug.

Zocalo Sweet Potato Flour Giveaway


We’ve got a most unusual giveaway this week.  Very hip new product.

Zocalo Sweet Potato Flour. We’re giving away TWO one pound boxes. So there will be two winners.

Let me tell you how I learned about this product.  At the university where I teach (Bastyr University) we have many students who eat a gluten-free diet.  In both the Dining Commons and the culinary classes we are always looking for innovative ways to make tasty gluten free products.  One day I heard that the chefs in the Dining Commons had produced  some awesome coconut cupcakes using this flour.  I marched right up there and asked if I could borrow a cup.  It worked really well in Raspberry Lemon Thumbprint Cookies.  Also in Sweet Potato Corn Muffins. I bought my own boxes and started adding some to breads, muffins and scones. I used a tablespoon in the Mini Chocolate Lava Cakes recipe we’re featuring this week.  Very fun product. Continue reading

Nine Fun Flours for Wheat-Free Baking

flourDon’t you just love working with different kinds of flours?  I do.  Each grain expresses different flavors and textures. Ta da!  The best  flours to use when you need to avoid wheat.

I’ve divided the nine into wheat-free flours – for those of you who like to have the variation but who don’t necessarily need to make gluten-free baked goods – and gluten free wheat-free flours. Continue reading