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Carol the Contributor

Sometimes  the Stirring Literature posts on our blog will be written by Carol White.  Carol recently finished her MS in nutrition at Bastyr University, and feels the desire to “pay it forward.” One way she plans  to do this throughout her career as a nutritionist is by blogging about food, nutrition and health. carolwhite

Carol was my teaching assistant for a quarter at Bastyr.  Before that she was my student and I remarked then about her clear, succinct and personable way of writing down her thoughts.  She was also my roommate at “goat camp” aka Quillisascut Farm School where we enjoyed keeping our room quiet except for the white noise of the fan.

Besides studying nutrition and health, Carol likes to write, read, cook, and eat. (me too).  She is very partial to walking in the woods as her main form of exercise, is married to a wonderful man who shares her interests, and is “mother” to Maxie the dog and Hannah the cat.   Her very own personal blog is Cocoa Nibs.  Tell her hi when you have a chance.


Super Natural Cooking

My best friend always reminds me to bring visual beauty to the mundane parts of daily life.  The eyes enjoy it.  Whenever possible arrange your lunch on a colorful plate in a pleasing fashion.  Add a contrasting garnish to the soup.  Adorn your table with fresh flowers  on top of a brightly patterned piece of oilcloth.

The author who seems to have soared to new heights in making whole foods into art is Heidi Swanson.  Her book Super Natural Cooking not only has deliciously creative recipes using whole foods, but the recipes are paired with stunningly beautiful photographs taken by the author.  Oh, that spiced-kissed gingerbread. Feast on this one!

Food Lover's Companion

Stirring Literature

You have to be pretty much of a food nerd to go for this one.  I keep a copy at my desk at home AND  in the kitchen where I teach because it is such a great go-to book.

I “go to” it a lot when students ask me questions like, what does tutti-frutti mean? The subtitle of Sharon Tyler Herbst’s book Food Lover’s Companion is “Comprehensive Definitions of over 4000 Food, Wine and Culinary Terms”.

It’s a giant glossary; in alphabetical order of course.  You can look up stuff like “cardoon” (a vegetable that’s a cross between artichoke, celery and salsify) or “hard crack stage” if you’re cooking up some candy or who knew “shanogi” was a round Japanese spoon or paddle used to toss rice. Yes!  The book is a great gift for your favorite cook.  Maybe that’s you.