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Things in your fridge it’s OK to feed your dog

Five kibble-enhancements

I would argue that it’s not just OK to feed your dog some fresh food but vital. 

When I was a new mother I was horrified at the idea of filling up my baby’s little tummy with what they called baby cereal. You know — the stuff coming out of the box that looks like shredded plastic. And when you mix it with water, you get something that looked like paper mache paste. Nope. Not doing it. Going to give baby real food (hence the book Feeding the Whole Family).

When I became a proud doggie owner, and started scooping brown pebbles into the bowl each day, I had baby-food flashbacks. This stuff smelled better than baby cereal, but it looked even worse. The last thing I needed were more things to do, but I just couldn’t bring myself to give my doggy kibble alone. I did research.