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Breakfast Contest. I'm Lovin' It!

Three Breakfast Mini-Meals for under $3.00.  Big McDonald’s billboard I see everyday when I drive to work.  I can beat this.  I know I can.

So I went with my mechanical pencil and a scratch pad to the grocery store (PCC) and wrote down prices for all the little things I use to make breakfast. Okay, I’m not going to include that I eat kale for breakfast.  I do.  (see Be Bop Breakfast).

I got three meals for you that are under $3.  And they are way better than anything you would pick up in a sack at Mickey D.’s. And there’s nothing mini about them.

You’re thinking – what about the time-factor Ms. Lair. True true.  But the drive there, ordering, paying and picking up has got to take 15-20 minutes.  Right? So now the challenge is under $3 and under 20 minutes. Plus I’m using all organic food.  No problem.

  1. Steel cut oats with 1/2 apple sliced, 1/4 cup raisins and milk $.75 per serving. That’s right, under a $1!  The only catch – you have to remember to soak your oats the night before so they’ll cook quick in the morning.
  2. On Sunday you throw together a nice batch of Maple Butter Nut Granola and store it in a glass jar.  That’s 15 minutes prep and 45 minutes for the granola to bake while you watch movies or sports on TV.  In the morning, in less than5 minutes, you have a bowl of delicious granola with vanilla yogurt.  Bingo – $.91
  3. This one will take the full 20 minutes – maybe.  Toast two pieces of sprouted wheat bread or rye bread.  Put some butter in the skillet and cook an over-easy egg.  Once you flip it, add a slice of cheese.  Ready your toast with a little butter and some sauerkraut.  Pop the egg on the bread and this ain’t no mc muffin, it’s pro-biotic.  $2.39.

Oh yeah – mochi!  Who could forget Cherry Jam Filled Mochi.  Two pieces with great jam $1.50.

Ok.  The challenge is back to you.  What’s your best under $3 breakfast.  No packaged cereals allowed (yeah, that’s tough).  We’ll have a drawing of all those who respond.  Don’t forget to include how much your breakfast costs! Price it out baby.  Winner gets a copy of Feeding the Whole Family.  Go!