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Healthy Lunch Box Ideas

One day I was mentally counting up how many lunches I packed for my daughter and when I got to over 1000 and had only estimated up to 6th grade – well I had to stop.  What today?! Parents, workers and caregivers are always on the lookout for new ideas.  We get it.  And we’ve got some good ideas to share.

Tucking leftover grilled chicken or pan-fried tofu, fresh herbs and vegetables and/or beans into a tortilla or a spring roll wrapper make a quick and delicious alternative to sandwiches.  I can show you how in this Full Circle video Fresh Avocado Spring Rolls.

There’s a nice bunch of suggestions below in these three videos.  For even MORE (like a bazillion more) checkout our friends at Laptop Lunches. Click to see their fall collection.

Below are three Cookus Interruptus favorites.

Watch Jane pack Joaquin’s lunchbox cleverly using leftovers from last night’s dinner found in the refrigerator. Printable ideas and more links here. Holy last minute what’s going in the lunchbox today?  No problem.  These are speedy to make, yummy going down. Printable recipe here. Because of the relatively inexpensive  ingredients, this dish was popular during the Great Depression.  We’ve made this redux a little quirky by using edamame. Printable recipe here.