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Haiku Winners Announced

Thank you to all the poetic minds out there!  We had some very imaginative entries.

Random.org came up with #s  18, 44 and 48 and each will win a copy of Feeding the Whole Family.

Jane from North Carolina wrote:

please little squirrel
look both ways before crossing
you may be dinner

(truly captures the Cookus Interruptus sense of humor, way to go Jane)

Kelli from California wrote:

Senses engaging
Dinner on the table
Baby feeds himself

(family meal at its best!)

and Kathy from Washington state wrote:

Quinoa, chard, tofu?
Edamame, farro, kale?
How do you cook them?

(we’re on it Kathy!)

Wowie zowie.  We really enjoy bringing you these contests.  There’s more to come.  Some great Chico duffel bags, kale t-shirts, Natural Lifestyle bakeware…stay with us!

Haiku Winners!

Our crack team of haiku judges chose the following winners:

How could I not know
the glory of raw garlic?winner-is1
I have missed so much!
from Margaret

Round, red nemesis…
When did you become my friend?
Please, I want more beets!
from Shannon

Canned corn. What a bore.
On the cob the taste explodes
Yum, corn on the cob!
from Barbara

Thank you to all who participated!

Third Annual Love Food Haiku Challenge

New research has found that activities that engage the mind, such as reading and performing crossword puzzles, seem to help offset the early symptoms of dementia.  In the spirit of keeping the mind nimble, we bring you our 3rd annual haiku contest.

How to enter:

Write a haiku ( 3 lines, 5-7-5 syllables) that describes your experience of once hating a certain food that you now love (or vice versa) .  Wow.  I know.  Talk about distillation.  You can do it. Here’s help: Write-a-haiku.  Type your haiku as a comment to this post.  Entries due by 6pm September 14th.

How winner is chosen:ftwf3ed_final

This is a jury-ed contest (not a random drawing).  At least 5 of us will read all and give our top three picks.  The 3 haiku with the most votes will win.  We will pick THREE WINNERS.

What will you win:

A copy of Feeding the Whole Family mailed directly to your door.  Winners will be notified by email on September 15th and will have 24 hours to reply to the “winner” email ( so check your email on the 15th!).  If there is no reply, we will choose another winner.

Good luck!

Here’s mine:

Mom served canned veggies

Asparagus taste like slime

Blanched with butter, yum!

Second Annual Haiku Contest Grater Winner

Thank you everyone.  We got some amazing haikus.  Full of good advice and fun.  The six Cookus Interruptus judges made this one the winner:

Slow down, for Pete’s sake * No cell phones at the table! * Eat, share, laugh, enjoy

by Cara

Honorable mention to:

Diet fads abound * common sense out the window * just don’t supersize

Why are kids obese * pop machines in all the schools * quarter pounder please

by Leigh Hall

Congratulations Cara!  Now you have a zest for life.

Annual Haiku Challenge: Grating Food Issues

A year ago when our site was revealed to the Greater Ethernet, we asked readers to submit a haiku, awarding a prize to what we felt captured the theme the best.  This August we want to repeat the contest.  This time tell us what food issue really bothers you, really gets your dander up, really grates on your nerves.  Write it in haiku form please.  5/7/5 syllables. Here’s help: Write-a-haiku.

The winner will receive one of my most favorite kitchen gadgets, a microplane zester which is not just for lemons.  All those vivid dishes we make with grated ginger, like Caribbean Lime Halibut, Vegetable Chicken Teriyaki, Asian Noodle Salad, Homemade Curry Paste and this week’s Composed Edamame Tofu Salad with Sesame Chile Dressing are just a teeny bit easier to make if you have this handy tool around.  Remember, before you grate your ginger, you need to peel it.

Ok.  Show us your haiku.  Here’s mine:

Food fads make me scream
Butter will not stop your heart
Read label, home cook

Winner announced on August 25th.


Home-Cooked Meal Haiku Challenge

family dinner

Can you remember what you had for dinner on May 3rd? Me either. But is there a wholesome home-cooked meal that you CAN remember? One where the food, the flavors, the company somehow kept the image chip in your brain? Tell us about it.

But here’s the big deal challenge: can you write it into a haiku? 5/7/5 syllables. No restaurant or take-out meal experiences allowed. Here’s help: Write-a-haiku

Here is mine:

Black beans eggs salsa
Christmas brunch friends pass the limes
Huevos Rancheros

Winner will receive a free copy of Feeding the Whole Family !

tic toc tic toc – Haiku contest will close tonight (8/29/08) at 10 pm.  Our distinguished group of judges will have a winner selected by noon on Saturday (8/30/08).  Stay tuned.