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Winners of Feeding the Young Athlete


Swings…loved going so high you felt like flying, playing frogger, doing crazy flippity dismounts. Now my 4 and 2 year olds spend most of their park time on the swings!
Christina from Santa Barbara

Do we have to pick just one…? I loved the pogo stick where I would just hop around all day but also the monkey bars, swings, jump ropes…and the list goes on!
Julie from Las Vegas

Keep moving ladies and gentlemen!  Flippety, froggin’ and pogo-in’.

And you can purchase Feeding the Young Athlete through Amazon (less than 10 bucks – it’s a virtual steal!).  Click here.

Another Sneak Preview of Feeding the Young Athlete!


YES!  We really emphasize hydration for all kid’s playing sports.  Turns out the neon colored drinks have a lot of stuff in them that growing bodies don’t really need and good hydration can be accomplished in a more natural way.  This is just a FRACTION of the helpful information that can be found in the new Feeding the Young Athlete. This colorful sturdy book is only $10 plus change.  I know Amazon says they don’t have copies yet but I’ve got the inside line on this.  They’ll be ready to ship within a week or so. Continue reading

Feeding the Young Athlete is almost here (squeeeal)


I’m way past crazy about sharing some of the pages from my bold new version of Feeding the Young Athlete will hit the bookstores (online and off!) in just TWO WEEKS!  The new look is vibrant and youthful and you’ll love the practicality of this book if you have kids that play sports.  Easily graspable concepts.  Whimsical artwork, loads of top ten lists, and (of course) RECIPES. Continue reading

Proof that Chicken Soup is Medicine


Snuffle snuffle.  When colds and flues set in and we employ our favorite home remedies.  Everyone knows the wisdom of drinking lots of fluids when ill.  Eating fluids proves to be a smart therapy too.

When ill we want the body to devote its energy to healing.  Avoid heavy fat and protein foods like dairy and meat and stick with broths, soups, juices and teas.  Some people find the time of illness shortened if they partially fast for a day or two, taking in only liquids.

My mom kind of got the idea and bundled me in on the living room couch with a TV tray sporting a bowl of Campbell’s tomato soup and a tumbler of 7-up.  Like I said – she kind of got the idea.   Continue reading

Vegetable Tweet Contest

Feeding the Young Athlete is out of print.  There are a few copies floating around out there.  The price on Amazon ranges from $43.39 to $144.93.  athcvr200dpiWow.  That’s for a $12 book.  So if you win this and hang on to it, you can buy groceries for a week by re-selling it.  Not bad.

Here’s what you have to do.  Write a knock out tweet about what vegetable you’d like to be.  Tweets are a max of 140 characters.  If you go over that, you’re immediately disqualified.  You’ll have to practice conciseness.  Winner will be announced on Friday October 16th so get your entry in before midnight October 15th.

Here’s mine.  I promise I won’t win.

“Nutrient-dense green, creamy white, slender with a slight curve; unruly hair roots, zesty and amazingly versatile, please call me SCALLION”