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Recipes Children Like

Feeding kids can be a really fun thing. Even if your kids are picky eaters, experimenting with different foods and recipes is often a rewarding experience. It may mean that dinner ideas come and go, but if nothing else we learn what doesn’t work. After all, kids are honest, and that’s why we love them.

There are days, though, when the adventure that comes with culinary exploration just isn’t appealing. Lack of time and energy prevail over the desire to be the hero who introduces the latest and greatest kid-friendly creation. It is on those days that we rely upon sure-fire dishes to please the whole family–especially the kids.

If you’re thinking that these palate-pleasing, kid-friendly dishes will be either painfully boring or disturbingly unwholesome, think again! We’ve got a slew of tried and true recipes that kids LOVE. And you’ll love everything about them, too. Look below for a few of our foolproof favorites, and click here if you want to learn more about teaching kids to love healthy food.

Who doesn’t like cheddar cheese sauce? Let Jane show you how this simple addition can make blanched vegetables oh-so-yummy. Serve alongside roasted chicken and you’ve got dinner for everyone. To get the recipe, click here. Frosting really makes everything better. And this one is loaded with golden-orange color, sweet earthy flavor, and A and C nutrients. A great way to utilize leftover yams and sweet potatoes. Frost up Pumpkin Pecan Muffins, ginger cookies, carrot cake or raisin bread and you will become very popular. For the recipe, click here. For whatever reason, kids love noodles, and these are no exception. Super easy to make, and you can even do them gluten-free. Add some fried tofu (another kid favorite) to the mix and dinner is ready. Click here for the recipe.