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Book Giveaway: Food as Medicine


The Bastyr University Bookstore has offered up this fascinating book for one of our curious subscribers!

Food as Medicine: The Theory and Practice of Food by Todd Caldecott

Are you mostly Kapha, Pita or Vata? Do you know? Based on these three basic models of “being”, traditional Ayurvedic medicine addresses individuality and uses food to tweak imbalances. I have used Ayurvedic practices in my own health for many years. This time-honored practice of medicine makes sense and works! Continue reading

Book Giveaway: Fresh and Fermented



Brought to you by the Bastyr University Bookstore (thanks Marty!) we’re giving away a copy of the “just out” – Fresh & Fermented (Sasquatch Books)!

Julie O’Brien and Richard Climenhage launched their fermentation passion in 2010 by producing a line of delicious krauts to sell at local farmer’s markets. Not only did I like their product, EVERYbody did. Just four years later, with several Good Food awards on the mantle, they’re sendingĀ  products to retail locations throughout Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii, and western Canada. So why not ALSO write a book too?! (Maybe the kraut gives them TOO much energy!). Continue reading