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Wonderful Octagon

The USDA pyramids and guides sometimes confound me.  The original intent of the creation of the USDA – to support the health of US citizens while simultaneously supporting the growth of food industries (particularly dairy and meat) – was worthwhile.  But as the years have passed, the support of the latter seems to have overtaken the race of good intentions.  The compromised information doesn’t give me a clear picture of what to make for dinner.

Recently a few folks have written and asked for a copy of the graphic from Feeding the Whole Family that captures my idea of a balanced meal.  I love that Lisa from Wisconsin referred to it as the ‘wonderful octagon”.  The graphic is a colorful interpretation of the one in my book which was colorized for  the September/October 2008  Mothering Magazine article called “Envisioning a New Balanced Meal”.

(from Cynthia)