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Book Giveaway: Pure Beef

CONTEST CLOSED!  Thanks everyone.

Several of the last few Cookus Interruptus cookbook giveaways have been vegetarian-based.  So to keep the score balanced, we’re giving a big yee haw to Lynne Curry’s new hardback book Pure Beef.

This 276-page book with color photography is an up-close look at grass-fed beef. “Complete with learning recipes in every chapter and detailed beef cut and butchering illustrations, this cookbook presents a trove of modern and creative beef recipes arranged by cut for easy reference. It will inform and inspire you on your personal journey to eating sustainably and well.”

There are over 140 recipes included that celebrate flavors from every culture.  I’m eying Jamaican Jerked Tri-Tip with Coconut Scallion Rice and Feta Stuffed Sliders as I type. Her introduction is titled “How a Former Vegetarian Came to Write a Beef Cookbook and Why it Had to be Written”.  She’s sure right on the “why” part.  There talk a’plenty about why we should purchase grass-fed beef but little accurate information about how to treat it and cook it well.  Until Lynne stepped forward. Continue reading