Thank you to our wonderful Cookus Interruptus viewers for your insightful responses.  From your comments I compiled this list.

1.  CONTROL – you decide what goes in the food.  Fresh local organic, salt, no salt, meat or not, quality of ingredients are all your decision.
2.  LOCAL SUPPORT – of farms, CSAs, coops, grocery stores and farmer’s markets helps keep the local economy strong.
3.  TASTE – with good quality ingredients you can make food taste better at home than many (most) restaurants.  Certainly better than frozen or take-out.
4. EDUCATION – eating at home models the value of time spent with  family at the table to your children.  Learning how to prepare meals is a life skill all children need to learn.
5. ECONOMICAL – less money is spent cooking at home.
6.  HEALTH – people who cook their own food tend to enjoy better health.
7. EFFICIENT – you can utilize leftovers, create enough food for lunch boxes, set aside fresh food for baby as you prepare a simple meal.
8. SKILL-BUILDING – cooking is an art and a craft.  Unlike sewing a dress or building a cabinet, the results of your talent are immediate and edible.
9.  ATMOSPHERE – a house where there is food cooking becomes a home, a place to be nourished.
10.  LOVE – the time, energy and good thoughts you put into the food goes into yourself and your family.


  1. Thanks for these great tips. In these economic times, cooking at home is not only more nutritious and more fun, but also saves a great deal of money. Food costs in restaurants are calulated at only one third the cost of the meal, that means that the food you eat out costs two thirds less to prepare at home!

  2. Perfect! I went to a restaurant last night, and was depressed by the menu. I kept thinking to myself – why pay so much for food I can make myself? Then I realized the true power of the skills I had given myself – I was making great food, saving money and enjoying restaurant-quality food at home!

  3. The cooking process is very calming to me, especially when I am trying something new. I love to try out new recipes and add my own touches. The main reason I eschew fast food and prepared foods is to avoid the preservatives and additives. (MSG is a trigger for migraine headaches for me)
    Cooking at home is also a great creative outlet and it’s fun to have family and friends appreciate my efforts. Above all, everything tastes so much better!

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