All of the Above

Have an intention of putting one dish on your Thanksgiving table that is made of ingredients you bought directly from a local farmer. Maybe some goat cheese used as a spread or in the salad or pastured eggs used in the pumpkin pie. When you are ready to give thanks for the meal, you will have a direct connection to where the food came from. If you saw the goat, met the farmer and put the money for his product in his hand, there is a relationship. One that can extend to the sun, rain and soil that fed the goat that made the cheese. Or all of the above. Food that evokes these images, these feelings of gratitude, this knowledge of the source is truly worth a blessing.  Not sure where your local farmers reside?  Two excellent web sites for finding local food are Local Harvest and Eat Wild.

5 thoughts on “All of the Above

  1. Ahhh- such a great topic! Even if it is only 1-2 items or ingredients- it all makes a difference. I am lucky to live in a farming community with access to many great products. Our Pilgrim Stuffing will be made with local ingredients.

  2. I can’t find a better place for this question so I’ll insert it here: I am allergic to vinegar and citric acid and most/all salad dressing have vinegar as do a lot of recipes. Is there something that I can substitute for the vinegar in some recipes?

  3. Hi Scott,
    This summer I was working on a farm where we did all of our cooking and eating from local ingredients. We used the juice from young grapes grown on the farm to substitute for the flavor of lemon juice. Would that work for you? Here’s a site that mentions a product like this:

  4. Hi Scott,

    It must be tough for you, as loads of products contain citric acid. A friend of my sister in law also is allergic to citric acid. I had never heard of that , and was wondering how someone can be allergic to such a small molecule. I thought it was always proteins that trigger inappropriate immune reactions, which are the allergic reactions, but I must be wrong. If you would like to exchange information with them, I can put you in contact, send me an email: alettaka (at)

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