Book Giveaway: Defending Beef


Speaker and author Nicolette Hahn Niman, author of Defending Beef, was invited to Sweden this past December  to be part of  the “Your Plate. Our Planet: The Future of Food” Nobel Week Dialogue 2016 panel.   As part of this impressive panel and in her book Nicolette―a longtime vegetarian―dispels popular myths about how eating beef is bad for our bodies. She methodically evaluates health claims made against beef, demonstrating that such claims have proven false.  She shows how foods from cattle―milk and meat, particularly when raised entirely on grass―are healthful, extremely nutritious, and an irreplaceable part of the world’s food system.

Be informed before you demonize meat! Like most foods, quality and quantity are paramount. We’re proud to give away a copy of this comprehensive and balanced book to one of our subscribers.nicolette-hahn-niman

How to enter:

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3.  Whether it’s a veggie burger or a meat burger, what’s your TOP THREE favorite condiments to put on it? For me, hands down #1 PICKLES. Gotta have pickles. #2 Dijon mustard and #3 lettuce. Okay.  YOUR TURN.   Type your answer as a comment to this post.

4. Contest ends at MIDNIGHT on Saturday February 4th . PLEASE check your email on February 5th and 6th. The junk mail folder and everything.  We’ve been having some trouble with lost emails to winners. The winners will be chosen by If you don’t respond to your “winner” email within 48 hours, we will choose a new winner (tough love…).

42 thoughts on “Book Giveaway: Defending Beef

  1. katsup — kinda of a lot — put on bun to soak in

    pickle relish — lots, goes on patty itself

    mustard (current fav/yellow standard) – squirt a bit on top of relish

  2. totally didn’t realize I hadn’t liked you on FB yet… wth?!

    MUST for burgers:
    1) mayo 2) pickle 3) lettuce

    The lettuce has to be touching the mayo, though. Otherwise, no go!

  3. For me it is also pickles, yellow mustard and relish:-) I don’t use Facebook very often (almost never) but I will go in there to like your page.

  4. Pickles (preferably bread and butter style), tomato (big yummy beefsteak or roma), and mustard (any kind but not too spicy unless it’s horseradish style, yum)

  5. I’m not a big condiment person. As a kid I’d only eat my burgers plain or with a little cheddar cheese. I’ve branched out now as an adult, and my favorites are cheese (of any type!), caramelized onions, or avocado. I still don’t eat the traditional ones though (ketchup, mustard, etc.). : )

  6. It’s got to be a slice from a homegrown Beefsteak tomato (preferably from my mother’s Midwest garden), alfalfa sprouts and French’s yellow mustard.

  7. Lettuce, ketchup, yellow mustard… and if I get more than three, onions & pickles. If I’m feeling especially fancy, cheddar cheese. Truth be told, burgers are one of my favorites and everyone makes them a little different, which is one of my favorite things about burgers. Still, I think cooking a burger perfectly is an art that’s not always intuitive–it’s pretty easy to over cook a burger, make it too thick, too thin. I have tried and will try just about anything, but you can’t go wrong with the classic.

  8. I like it all, cheddar cheese, avocados, lettuce, tomato, dill pickle slices, ketchup, mustard, mayo or thousand island dressing.

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