Chocolate Giveaway: Theo Clusters

1609_Theo_Clusters_SaltedAlmond_Web_RP_@2xCONTEST CLOSED. HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!

Oh my goodness. The lovely folks at Seattle chocolate masters, Theo, are providing a cluster of goodies for three Cookus Interruptus subscribers.

Reminder: Theo Chocolate is dedicated to

  • Using only pure ingredients that are grown sustainably. We source our ingredients locally whenever possible.
  • Partnering with our growers by ensuring they earn a living wage and have access to education for their families.
  • Honoring and respecting our employees and suppliers. This is possible due to the unique fact that we control every step of our own manufacturing process.
  • Using green energy sources to power our factory.
  • Using sustainable packaging and printing methods.
  • Educating about social and environmental accountability 7 days a week through public tours of our artisan factory.

THREE Cookus subscribers have an opportunity to win a pretty bag of their new product: Clusters. The ingredients are impressive. For ex: the Salted Almond Chocolate Clusters feature a combination of crispy quinoa, toasted coconut and 50 mg of cocoa flavanols combined with almonds, dates and Himalayan pink sea salt in 60% dark chocolate. Lemon Hemp and Coconut Turmeric are the other two varieties!

Sound good? Quit reading about politics and enter to win!!!  Here’s how :

1. Be a subscriber of Cookus Interruptus Not a subscriber yet? Type your email address in the subscribe box right up there on the upper right corner of the whole website.  I check and reject any winner that’s not one of our subscribers.

2. Be a friend on Cookus Interruptus facebook. Not our facebook friend? Easy. Go to the Cookus Facebook page and click the thumbs up “like”.

3.  What is your favorite dish to make with dark chocolate? The most decadent, close my eyes and eat slowly with a spoon dish I desire would be flourless chocolate cake. I like making it with a touch of cinnamon and chili. Today, however, I’m pulled to make chocolate covered coconut macaroons. Easy peasy to make and so satisfying. Okay.  YOUR TURN.   Type your answer as a comment to this post.

4. Contest ends at 5 pm on December 18 . PLEASE check your email on December 19th. The junk mail folder and everything.  We’ve been having some trouble with lost emails to winners. The winners will be chosen by If you don’t respond to your “winner” email within 48 hours, we will choose a new winner (tough love…).

62 thoughts on “Chocolate Giveaway: Theo Clusters

  1. Today is a chilly day in the Pacific Northwest (as it is in many parts of the nation). While it’s not a “dish” I am craving spicy dark chocolate cocoa with chocolate powder, a pinch of cayenne, and a little cinnamon, topped with fluffy marshmallows.

  2. When I just cannot get past the craving, a dark chocolate pudding. Eaten just a little warm, whipped cream, dusted with a touch of cayenne.

    1. Would love to have your recipe for “flourless pear torte”. Asian pears are my fav and can’t wait to make them into a flourless pear torte!!

  3. My absolute favorite is coconut macaroons dipped in dark chocolate; however on this snowy day, some homemade cocoa sounds amazing.

  4. Ditto one of the previous posts…just melt in my mouth! I love dark chocolate, and since my family doesn’t, it doesn’t get nabbed.

  5. I make rich fudgey brownies with dark chocolate. They kind that are mostly chocolate with just enough eggs and flour to hold them together. Yum.

  6. Dark chocolate-dipped things are my favorite! Either pretzels, dried apricots, or both. I love buying dark chocolate-covered pretzels, but ones made with high-quality chocolate seem hard to find, so I would rather make my own using Theo. Something about dried apricots dipped in dark chocolate is so pretty, delicious, and fun to make with my niece and nephew. Find more ideas here like dipping crystallized ginger slices in smooth chocolate!

  7. I make a pinwheel cookie that’s made overlaying a batch of vanilla dough and chocolate dough which is then rolled (like a log), chilled and cut into rounds. It’s a tad fussy but not bad at all, and the effort is well worth it. The chocolate flavor really comes through. Lovely.

  8. Funny you mention chocolate covered macaroons…I made the Cookus Interruptus version with honey just earlier this week!

  9. I going to mix it up a bit, and say mole – the traditional Mexican sauce with pumpkin seeds chocolate, raisins, and chilies.

  10. Home made chocolate with cacao, coconut oil, almond butter, maple syrup, vanilla and peppermint extract, and just a touch of sea salt. Yum!

  11. we love to make a chocolate cake with Irish Whiskey. Dark, dense, delicious. it has whiskey soaked currants for a wonderful texture, served with whipped cream. tastes even more chocolatey if it sits a day.

  12. My favorite is a dark chocolate and hazelnut bark with orange zest and cayenne. Sets my tastebuds tingling!

    I am a subscriber to Cookus Interruptus, but I am not a Facebook, or social media of any kind user. I do tell all my friends and family about your fantastic website and recipes (old school social media!) Hope you’ll still consider me.

  13. Flourless chocolate cake! Super rich with a side of three twins vanilla Madagascar ice cream! Yum! We use Theos chocolate baking bar!

  14. Oh, so many delicious ways to use and eat dark chocolate. I think my favorite has to be a good, old fashioned layer cake. I just made one for my daughter’s 18th birthday, using a deeply dark chocolate bar, melted, in both the cake and the frosting. There is one piece left in the fridge and I want to eat it!

  15. I like to make a dark chocolate mousse made with the finest dark cocoa, almond milk, agave, coconut oil and Irish moss as a thickener. It turns out perfect and I top it with lots of fresh raspberries.

  16. Household super fans of CI chocolate covered macaroons…always a finger dip or two or three into the yummy melted dark chocolate but on top of a chewy coconut macaroon..yumm …the best!

  17. Chocolate sandwich toast: two thin slices of wholegrain bread with a slice of dark Theo’s. Put in toaster oven 2 min on each side on a foil tray till chocolate melts. As the melted chocolate streams down the sides, just bite into it and be transported.

  18. In the Fall, pumpkin truffles (pumpkin, coconut butter, maple syrup) covered with dark chocolate.

    This time of year, simple hot cocoa!

  19. To me, there is nothing better than dark chocolate so I eat a little every day, allowing it to melt in my mouth. Also, nothing better than chocolate mousse made with coconut milk.!!!

  20. I love this recipe for a chocolate almond tart. It is not easy but SO worth the work. The crust is pure crushed almonds, butter and sugar pressed into a tart pan with a removable bottom and baked. Then cream, dark baking chocolate and Grand Marnier are heated in and whisked together. Orange marmalade is spread over the crust and the chocolate is poured in on top. Chilled til set and baked. I shave white chocolate on top before serving.

  21. This time of year I crave ginger cookies with big chunks of dark chocolate. So yummy and matched well with a warm cup of cocoa.

  22. Creamy Dreamy Chocolate Pudding (made with avocado, coconut milk, dark chocolate, maple syrup; garnished with shaved dark chocolate and toasted coconut flakes). Yum!

  23. Dark chocolate torte with macadamia nut crust…or just dark chocolate mac nuts. I really dig the coconut macaroons, too–I make them often.

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