Book(s) Giveaway: How to Love/How to Eat


The Bastyr University Bookstore is collaborating with Cookus Interruptus to give away one of these intimate books to two subscribers!

These friendly, pocket-sized books from Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh are rich with the simple lessons we tend to forget in our hurry up, multi-task world.

How to Love

Nhat Hanh brings his signature clarity, compassion, and humor to the thorny question of how to love and distills one of our strongest emotions down to four essentials: you can only love another when you feel true love for yourself; love is understanding; understanding brings compassion; and deep listening and loving speech are key ways of showing our love.

How to Eat

How to Eat clearly and succinctly explains how you can incorporate eating as a form of meditation. The book provides practical advice on how to become truly nourished through the mindful preparation, serving, eating, and cleaning up of food.

Win one of these books and remember new things!  Here’s how:

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3.  What simple fruit or vegetable brings you “love at first sight”? Every July I fall in love with an apricot. The way the golden fuzzy skin blushes into red makes my heart go a-flutter. Okay.  YOUR TURN.   Type your answer as a comment to this post.

4. Contest ends at 5 pm on March 6 . PLEASE check your email on March 7. The junk mail folder and everything.  We’ve been having some trouble with lost emails to winners. The winners will be chosen by If you don’t respond to your “winner” email within 48 hours, we will choose a new winner (tough love…).

66 thoughts on “Book(s) Giveaway: How to Love/How to Eat

  1. A ripe Jersey tomato fresh from the garden. Sliced. Dash of salt. And also, galia melons. Avocados. Raspberries. Rhubarb. Ok, I’ll stop.

  2. Hard to choose just one! I absolutely adore beets for their variety of glorious color and rich earthy sweet taste! I have been enjoying a glass of beet kvass in a beautiful wine glass!

  3. Oh the avocado, the simplicity, the creaminess, as it is scooped out of its skin or dressed up…..yyyuuummmm

  4. Apricots for me too. When I was a little girl my parents planted two apricot trees outside my bedroom window. Not only do they taste of sunshine but also love.

  5. Avocados have saved my life in the past. I could eat two every day!! Plain, salt, lime juice, Frank’s, etc. <3

  6. Ah, the peach. Just the word itself. The smell of peach, the lovely juicy color of a peach, the taste of sweet nectar, even the adjective “she is such a peach” is such a compliment. Oh and James and the Giant Peach, and peach trees, and oh gosh now I want to eat one… and there are none in the house which is the pits!

  7. Picking Saskatoons (Canadian prairies – service berry in the PNW) is like a rite of life: the gift of abundance.

  8. I love the shiny, firm red bell pepper that promises so much crunch with an encore of lush, sweet goodness when it’s heated.

  9. Apples in the backyard. I wait and wait until they make the whole branch almost touch the ground from the weight.

  10. I have a bittersweet romance with blackberries. I love smelling their sweet fragrance on sunny days as I run down trails, checking for ripeness along the way. When they do finally ripen to plump, juicy, deep purple orbs, I put on my Carhartts and a long sleeved shirt and go picking! Then I make my favorite dessert–blackberry pie (a la mode). The “bitter” part of the romance is that when blackberries ripen, I know summer is on the wane.

  11. Fresh, ripe mango in Hawaii for the first time was a revelation. Not something a kid in Texas ever had. So silky, juicy and sweet.

  12. Strawberry season in the Northwest does it for me. I feel like a berry addict going back to the farm stand a few times a week to get my fix. Last year I bought nine flats!

  13. Peaches! Fuzzy and soft with a little firmness remaining, the beautiful colors from soft yellow to a punch of red. Love!!!

  14. Papaya – it’s a new love affair. I didn’t know how gorgeous he was on the inside. But I see him now – velvety and sweet and luscious. I’d marry him if I could.

  15. A perfectly ripe strawberry picked from my garden, sun-kissed with its luscious flavor just waiting to burst in my mouth!

  16. A ripe, red-orange-yellow nectarine causes me to do a happy dance right there in the aisles. I make sure I grab a bag full as the employees are escorting me from the store. 😉

  17. Blueberries! They brighten up a bowl of oatmeal and make a plain pancake pop with flavor. Literally! After they cook they become little balloons carrying blueberry jam waiting to burst with flavor in your mouth! Yum!!

  18. I love the jewel like cloudberries “hjortron” that you find in northern Sweden. When you find them tucked in the moss, beautiful golden colour looks so beautiful and inviting. They make great jam to serve with whipped cream in newly baked waffles:)

  19. OMG our yoga teacher is reading from one of his tiny books during practice – a juicy gala apple smeared with peanut butter is my pick me up at 3 pm til dinner.

  20. My stepfather’s garden fresh tomatoes…he puts so much love and hard work into those tomatoes and my children pick them when they are plump and red. They are delicious with just salt and pepper. My favorite!

  21. I’ve fallen in love with so many fruits and vegetables it’s hard to pick just one. But I think I have to go with freshly picked strawberries, especially the tiny wild ones. Succulent!

  22. Strawberries in spring purchased from a farmer’s market in WA. The smell is so delightful! It puts the store bought ones to shame and makes me eager to make jam or slice them over a spinach salad…

  23. Eggplant. Its, well, eggplant color is so alluring and unique amongst it’s fellow vegetables and it doesn’t disappoint – eggplants taste as rich as they look! (And are oh-so versatile).

  24. Blackcaps. Love frames the summer ritual of picking these yummy raspberries with my kids along the edge of the woods.

  25. The lowly potato in earth colors, says: I will fill your belly in all seasons. If you have anything extra just top it on me, I can take the weight. Mash me, slice me, roast me and I will see you through many meals. Never go hungry-I am by your side-the way only earth can love.

  26. Tomato, it reminds me summer is here and the taste is so delicious, especially when picked from my garden. These two books sound very healthy, body and mind.

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