Book Giveaway: Cooking through Cancer Treatment to Recovery


The Bastyr University Bookstore has offered up this new book written by two of our alums, Dr. Lisa Price and nutritionist Susan Gins, who saw a need and filled it beautifully.

The book offers over 100 quick and delicious recipes that provide nutrients essential at each stage of treatment while avoiding pro-inflammatory foods such as processed sugars, dairy, and gluten that may increase side effects. The recipes in this user-friendly cookbook:

  • Will not interfere or reduce the effectiveness of conventional treatment
  • Address the most common side effects of conventional treatment such as diarrhea, fatigue, insomnia, nausea, joint pain, chemo brain, and loss of appetite
  • Use widely available ingredients and are easy to prepare
  • Are packed with flavor and aesthetic appeal
  • Provide essential vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients
  • Complement each other for a therapeutic balance of protein, good fats, carbohydrates, and fiber

If you know someone who is challenged by cancer treatment,  I’m sure you’d like to win a copy.  Here’s how:

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3.  What food did your mom give you to eat when you were sick as a child?  June tried to interest me in “milk toast” – basically toast soaked in warm milk. I wasn’t interested.  At some point I graduated to tomato soup and 7-up, which likely didn’t help my physical recovery much but lifted my spirits  Okay.  YOUR TURN.   Type your answer as a comment to this post.

4. Contest ends at 5 pm on September 13th . PLEASE check your email on September 14th. The junk mail folder and everything.  We’ve been having some trouble with lost emails to winners. The winners will be chosen by If you don’t respond to your “winner” email within 48 hours, we will choose a new winner (tough love…).

52 thoughts on “Book Giveaway: Cooking through Cancer Treatment to Recovery

  1. The food my mom gave me the most when I was sick as a small child, and of course we all know now that this was just about the worst possible thing she could’ve given me, was canned Campbell’s Vegetarian Vegetable alphabet soup with regular aspirin dissolved in it (because I didn’t like to take aspirin). So basically, super unhealthy soup, along with aspirin that should never be given to a child with flu-like symptoms…not that she would’ve known either of those things at the time. But hey, I seem to have made it just fine!

  2. I am a subscriber of Cookus Interruptus and I will ‘like’ your Facebook page right now. My favorite food when I was sick as a child was Tomato Soup [only Campbell’s] and toasted cheese sandwiches…..[this was in the 50’s] — my kids got Miso Soup!

  3. Soup was often the food for sick days- sometimes it was canned chicken noodle, other times Mom would make a vegetable barley soup that I still love to this day. Always served with a side of toast with butter and garlic salt.

    1. OMG! My dad made us peanut butter and bacon sandwiches (not when we were sick, just when mom slept in on Sundays!) and people think I’m crazy when I tell them I love it.

  4. Whenever we were feeling ill as kids mom would make Bird’s custard. She would drizzle maraschino cherry juice over top. We would fake flu to get this treat! My how far we have come! I’m close to a young mother just entering the battle for her life and I need this book! ❤️

  5. My mother would make me a filipino dish called lelut manuk which translates to chicken porridge which works like a charm; even today! I was given 7up to drink or hot tea with honey and lemon.

  6. My Mom made me my own personal size casserole of creamy scalloped potatoes. She left out cheese but there werected sweet carmelized onions in the buttery milk she slow baked them with, and the crusty top was golden–and all mine! I loved being able to eat this in bed from a tray on my lap with ginger ale on the side. Comfort and healing from the nurturer..ahhh!

  7. As a child, my mom would give me flat 7-Up (no carbonation) to calm my stomach. I know now that it wasn’t the best thing to give but it seemed to help then.
    I work with cancer patients and will definitely be recommending this book to them!

  8. Campbell’s Chicken Noodle soup! Also pasta cooked in butter with parmesan cheese, grilled cheese, or cinnamon & sugar toast. I still crave these foods when I’m sick, although I know better. 🙂

  9. My mom’s chicken was REALLY homemade because she raised chickens, so when anybody in our family was sick, she’d make chicken soup using noodles my aunt made. I liked to spoon up all the veggies like peas, carrots,and onions from the garden before eating the chicken and then drinking the juice. And yes, the water was from our well!

  10. same as others…orange juice. she must have made this also because as I got older, I would make plain jook (really overcooked rice in lots of water such that it is almost consistency of oatmeal). when I ate meat, I’d add a dried pork crumbly product, but now I add furikake.

  11. When we had an upset stomach, it would be 1 Tbsp of coke syrup. (I know I’m dating myself here, but you used to be able to go down to the local soda fountain and buy a small amount.) For colds, it was toast generously rubbed with fresh garlic and hot tea with plenty of lemon. Plus the promise of a special treat once we were feeling better.

  12. Mom would put drops of spirit of peppermint in hot water to sip slowly for tummy aches. The aroma would also clear sinuses. And of course homemade chicken noodle soup always did the trick for whatever else ailes ya!

  13. Usually Mom would give me canned chicken noodle soup and saltines but once in while she would make her own soup with homemade noodles. She didn’t have a pasta maker. The noodles would be thicker, meatier and tastier than store bought. So delicious. Thanks Mom!

  14. Oh, how I loved soft boiled eggs with toast as a sick child. Still go for the soft boiled eggs and have taught my hubby how to make them for me.

  15. When I was a kid, my mom would always give me Ritz or Saltine crackers with 7-Up and a new book or movie to occupy me (funny I didn’t get sick more often). I’m an adult now and getting sick doesn’t have the same perks it used to!

  16. ginger ale – she swore by it. and if not ginger ale – 7 Up, but stirred to get some of the fizz out 🙂

    I already subscribe.

  17. Ginger ale or Seven-up for upset stomach, weak tea and toast or chicken noodle soap when able to eat. Can’t say I especially enjoy any of these any more!

  18. My Mom gave us flat Ginger Ale when we were sick with a flu. For colds it was chicken noodle soup and mustard on the chest. She would make us a steam tent from a bowl full of hot water and a towel over our heads and make us breath in the steam to clear the sinuses. I hated doing it. It’s remarkable I even still like mustard!

  19. Thank you for your great site and these wonderful offers! My Mom gave me Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup, soda crackers, jello and Ginger Ale! I really have it in my head that these are only for when you are ill. But my husband got Ginger Ale as a treat when he was well! I think it’s probably a good thing I feel the way I do about those foods now!

  20. Campbell’s clam chowder soup! Toast. Boiled eggs. Ginger ale if I had a stomach bug. Vicks Vap-o-rub and steam tents (towel over a pot of steaming water). Okay, the last two are not foods…

  21. When I was sick as a child it was either Sprite and saltines, or milk and bread. Although there was quite a bit of Campbell’s soup in there too.

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