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Brought to you by the Bastyr University Bookstore (thanks Marty!) we’re giving away a copy of the festive vegetarian cookbook The Forest Feast.

Erin Gleeson made her dream a reality when she left New York City and moved into a tiny cabin in a California forest in order to be closer to nature. The natural beauty of her surroundings and the abundance of local produce serve as the inspiration for The Forest Feast, based on her popular blog. Most of the book’s 100 wholly vegetarian recipes call for only three or four ingredients and require very few steps, resulting in dishes that are fresh, wholesome, delicious, and stunning.  Peek inside on Amazon.

Here’s how to enter to win this stunning  art book + cookbook:

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3.  What is your favorite vegetarian holiday dish and why is it a favorite?  (Almost) every year we host a Huevos Rancheros Holiday Brunch for our friends.  Folks mingle waiting for a seat at the big table where they will get a fresh-from-the-stove plate of tortillas, eggs, salsa and black beans with a variety of lime, avocado and cheese based toppings  to garnish with. Feliz Navidad!  Okay.  YOUR TURN.   Type your answer as a comment to this post.

4. Contest ends at 5 pm on December 21st. Check your email on December 22nd. The winners will be chosen by If you don’t respond to your “winner” email within 48 hours, we will choose a new winner (tough love…).


97 thoughts on “Book Giveaway: The Forest Feast

  1. I have had my eye on this book! Would love a chance to own a copy.

    I guess my favorite vegetarian holiday dish is mashed potatoes…I love them but pretty much only eat them at big holiday dinners.

  2. I always make Dutch Babies on Christmas morning. Served with lemon and powdered sugar. It’s a celebration of the holiday, and my favorite cast iron skillet.

  3. I really love making your sweet potato apple kale dish during the holidays. This year I want to try a pumpkin cheesecake, made with goat cheese from our goat milk.

  4. My favorite dish to add to brunch is the most simple. I love mashed avocado on toast with a little salt and chopped tomatoes. For brunch I make up a batch of the mashed avocado. I have a bowl of chopped tomatoes (chopped into teeny, tiny pieces) and I have little toast crackers. I can’t get enough of this dish!

  5. I am moving to a 100% vegetarian meals and can always use the help for delicious meals ,but my altime favorite meal is roasted vegetables of all kinds

  6. I’m partial to your massaged kale salad. It makes a nice healthy addition to any holiday meal. To add color, we substitute pomegranate seeds for the raisins!

  7. My favorite holiday dish is roasted sweet potatoes and beets. We make it year round, but it always makes an appearance at the table on Christmas.

  8. I adore a wilted spinach salad with goat cheese and caramelized onions. Super duper yummy, and so easy to just let the onions cook on the back of the stove while other kitchen stuff is going on.

  9. My in-laws make prime rib for Christmas, which I’m not a big fan of…so I mostly indulge in mashed taters and green beans. Maybe I’ll have a new cookbook soon to add another flavorful veggie side!!! YAY!!

  10. My favorite holiday dish is pumpkin pie. But because I don’t care much for pie crust, I mix up the traditional pumpkin custard filling and bake in individual ramekins sans crust. Yum!

  11. As we typically have Christmas dinner at my sister’s, I don’t really plan that meal. However, my brother-in-law makes his family’s traditional stuffing that goes in the turkey. He will set aside some for me that is baked separately. YUM!

    I have to say that I still love broccoli casserole (with cream of mushroom soup, sour cream, cheese and fried onions on top). If I were making Christmas dinner, I’d probably include brussel sprouts, too–simply browned in olive oil with a sprinkling of salt and Parmesan cheese. Un/fortunately, I’d likely be the only one to eat them.

  12. Favorite Holiday dish? Organic, free range turkey (baked under foil), with gravy, cornbread stuffing, and savory cranberry sauce with horseradish, mashed potatoes, and all the fixings. There is nothing like it.

  13. Sliced avocado on a sprouted English muffin (these ones are doughy and lovely), with salt and paprika! It’s my favorite breakfast during this time of year because amongst all the hustle and bustle of shopping, higher kitchen frequency, increased cooking, a full fridge of various delicious treats and meals… this one is simple and easy. It requires almost no effort but it’s warm and the ease of it allows me to create space for a peaceful moment in a louder time of year. It’s a pause and a gift to myself that I savor very much! It reminds me not to lose sight of myself, even while I am giving to others. Not to mention the holiday colors are festive and that’s fun and another little something I do just for me! 🙂 The little things!

  14. This cookbook looks amazing! My favorite vegetarian holiday dish is simple asparagus, brussels sprouts, and red peppers sauteed in coconut oil with fresh chopped garlic. So yummy and simple!!

  15. I love roasted red/yellow/orange mini-peppers with savory cheese filling, sitting on a bed of lemon garlic couscous with chickpeas because it is so colorful, fragrant, and delicious!

  16. Mini mushroom pot pies. I serve them in little ramikins with salad and roasted veggies on the side. They feel like a special treat, and just ooze homey goodness!

  17. A favorite vegetarian dish I’ve included in holiday meals would be either roasted vegetables or the cauliflower cheese pie from the Moosewood cookbook.

  18. I made up my own recipe for Kasha eggrolls. They are yummy by themselves, but can be served with hot mustard and sweet and sour sauce for the full effect!

  19. I enjoy making a vegetarian “tourtière” (French Canadian meat pie) in this holiday season, for my vegetarian friends….I use brown or Puy lentils instead of pork, and use the same spicing….it works!

  20. Kale sautéed with onions, garlic, toasted pine nuts and plumped up golden raisins. Easy way to make a kale believer out of skeptical family members!

  21. Favorite holiday dish/tradition: Opening presents with family accompanied by….Sticky Buns…Why?…My kids look forward to this yearly treat…yummmm!

  22. I always make some variation on a fancy vegetable pie for holiday meals. For Thanksgiving this year it was a layer of sauteed mushrooms, topped with a layer of roasted root vegetables, topped with a third layer, this one of mashed sweet potatoes. I sprinkled it all with pumpkin seeds. It was BEAUTIFUL

  23. I’ve wanted this book for almost a year now; I keep eyeing it and it looks so lovely! So nice you’re giving one away.

    My favorite vegetarian holiday dish is mulled wine! Okay, so that’s a drink, but there you go! Only my husband and I will drink it as other family members aren’t a fan of it’s sweetness, but I don’t mind because that just means there is more for us! 😉 It smell and warmth are so nice on a chilly winter evening. Homemade cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning are a close runner up too.

  24. I dearly love croissants but never have them ~ except on Christmas morning! Warm and toasty with sweet butter and homemade jam! My mouth is watering already!

  25. Favorite holiday dish/tradition– Opening presents with family accompanied by….Sticky Buns…Why?…My kids look forward to this yearly treat…yummmm!

  26. Belgian waffles with pecans, blueberries, bananas and maple syrup! It is one of the few times of year I have time to get the waffle iron out and whip up the batter…the toppings make it! Then it’s time to drift into a sweet food coma by the tree! Merry Christmas!

  27. As a result of my daughter’s desire to have a meatless main meal we developed a meatless lasagna that is filled with spinach, garlic, Portabella mushrooms, three different kinds of cheeses, rice noodles and is a requested dish every year.

  28. Definitely mashed potatoes. There’s always at least one or two “first christmas” toddlers at our family get togethers. We all love to see their faces light up as they dig into their first plate of mashed potatoes!

  29. Roasted root vegetables top my list of favorites! You can’t beat the flavor, plus they are good for you! Happy holidays!

  30. My sister’s broccoli, cauliflower and mushroom salad is a favorite at holiday meals. Tasty and crunchy!Goes with most everything.

  31. Since my husband’s mum is English she makes delicious Yorkshire Pudding (to go with roast) and I have now combined them with potato-leek soup – yum!

  32. This book is a feast for the eyes!
    I LOVE the homemade aoli we have once a year on Christmas Eve. Put it on bread, dip your veggies in it, lick it off the spoon!

  33. My fave dish is an oldie but goodie – Green Bean Casserole with Cream of Mushroom Soup and French Fried Onions! Although, I have made a few modifications over the years such as adding water chestnuts for crunch and using reduced sodium soup. 😉
    Comfort food with holiday memories on top. Can’t beat that. <3

  34. My favorite holiday dish is red beet and herring salad. My grandmother made us chop the herring and the remaining ingredients really tiny and for some reason the blending of the juices was just wonderful. I wish she had given me the recipe before she passed away.

  35. My favorite holiday dish is Brussels sprouts. We always have them on holidays, but rarely think to the rest of the year, so they stay special. I will have to go easy on them this year, however, as I am nursing a two-month-old and all cruciferous veggies make him extra gassy!

  36. My favorite vegetarian holiday meal is a big pot of Quinoa Chili from Cynthia Lair’s “Feeding the Whole Family”. I’ve been making it for about 8 years now with salad and bread. I bring it to every potluck and holiday gathering because everyone, vegetarian or not, will eat it with pleasure. I’ve been asked for the recipe more times than I can count. Thanks, Cynthia!

  37. Grape Salad!
    Not healthy but soo tasty! Some dishes are reserved for once a year for a reason. Grapes, cream cheese, sour cream, pecans and brown sugar – Yum!

  38. Growing up my grandmother fresh pan de sal rolls every christmas. They were the one time a year we would get to eat them, and I will eat about half a dozen! The rolls were simple, but she made them amazing. Just flower yeast sugar salt and oil. Now that my grandmother can no longer makes them, I’ve carried on the tradition. I enjoy how much my family members love the rolls and how they will continue to live on as a family holiday tradition. They also go to fabulous with Vegetarian leftovers the next day!

  39. Two things that I have eaten nearly every year of my life, regardless of where I’ve been (sometimes I had to import the ingredients at great expense). My mother’s recipe for ‘Swedish coffee cake’ – a sweet yeast bread with cinnamon swirls (and cardamom – that’s what makes it special). The other is my Italian grandmothers’ angel hair pasta recipe, always eaten on Christmas eve with lots of garlic, olive oil and anchovies for those who will.

  40. My fav holiday dish…. fresh cut up vegs to dip in hummus. We are trying to eat healthy, not what I remember growing up eating. We also like a crock pot with winter vege stew simmering in the kitchen, help your self anytime.
    This book looks great. Thanks

  41. My favorite holiday dish is my great-grandmothers Quiche and her cucumber tomato salad! Divine! This book looks amazing, I’m esp. interested being an artist!
    Happy Holidays!

  42. Oh, I have been looking at this book online! It looks just wonderful. My favorite vegetarian holiday dish is spinach artichoke dip. I love it because it’s vegan but just happens to be a favorite among my non-vegetarian family and friends. It also goes really well with so many things like chips and veggies and bread. And it is just delicious! Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  43. Love your blog. I would love your book too. 🙂

    Every year, I make zucchini and potato pancakes served with a dollop of homemade applesauce.

  44. I love mashed potatoes because they are delicious. I usually make them for holidays. My daughter loves fettuccine alfredo because it is simple but decadent.

  45. My favorite is raw cranberry salad. You can be very creative w/this dish. Add your favorite chopped fruits, fresh cranberries, honey, nuts, celery. Just yummy and can be made the day b-4. Raw and tasty alternative to cranberry sauce.

  46. I love spanakopita (Greek spinach pie). I’ll make it in a casserole dish for a main course, or folded into triangles for appetizers. My boys love it, too. Gorgeous book!

  47. We make a delicious vegetarian mushroom stuffing that we put in a pumpkin and then cook for an hour or so. When it’s done, you scoop a little pumpkin flesh with each bite of stuffing. It’s divine!

  48. 1. email subscriber – siennasai AT yahoo DOT com

    2. liked FB page – C Lee Siennasai

    3. Stuffed seitan roast with a nutritional yeast gravy!

  49. My favorite veggie dish is simply roasted veggies w EVOO and s & p. Combine, Brussels sprouts, carrots, parsnips, sweet potatoes, broccoli & cauliflower or whatever you have.

  50. A favorite family recipe for the holidays is Wild Rice casserole–100% Wild rice, mushrooms, onions, cheddar cheese, etc. Yum!!!

  51. Veggie frittata for breakfast, but my comfort holiday food is butternut squash. When I was a kid we called it “squishy squash” to differentiate it from zucchini. It’s one of those foods that I just can NOT stop eating!

  52. A roasted squash strata. Initially born of a need to use up leftovers, it became a make again dish. PS. l would encourage vegetarians suffering through a mashed potato diet at someone else’s house to offer to bring a dish. And supply something simple that doesn’t overwhelm the host’s table.

  53. We’ve never really tried to do a vegetarian holiday…but one of my family’s favorite vegetarian dishes is simple roasted sweet potatoes topped with lightly mashed black beans and pepperjack cheese 🙂 So easy and tasty.

  54. Our favorite Christmas morning dish is blue corn meal pancakes. We are working toward total plant based meals, but I still use eggs from time to time. These pancakes are to die for. I would love to get one of the cookbooks to continue our journey. Thanks for the chance.

  55. Funny you asked. I’ve been (re)exploring a vegetarian diet in the last week, reading Paul Pitchford’s Healing with Whole Foods. Favorite vegetarian holiday food for me would be a savory nutmeat and mushroom loaf, with a side of proper English cranberry chutney, all sweet and tangy. And some roasted root veggies, caramelized on the edges, tossed with a roasted garlic purée. I’m hungry now!
    Happy holidays Cynthia!!
    Xoxox Melissa

  56. Our favorite vegetarian dish for the holidays is apple pie made with apples picked fresh from Apple Hill, CA. For a savory dish, ever since we went to Spain for Christmas, we have loved tortilla de patata (potato frittata). Happy holidays!

  57. “Rice Bowls,” I make a cilantro rice and cumin spiced “refried” beans in the crock pot. And then everyone can pick their favorite toppings. We love it, especially during busy holiday times!!

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