Tomatoes Thrive on Girlspeak

My friend Wendy, who is a talented garden designer sent me a link to an article from the online U.K. newspaper the Telegraph called “Women’s voices ‘make plants grow faster”.  In the experiment excerpts from John Wyndham’s The Day of the Triffids, Shakespeare’s A Midsummer’s Night Dream and Darwin’s On the Origin of Species were recorded.  A variety of voices was then picked to play to 10 tomato plants over a month. Every plant was played a voice through headphones connected to the plant pot, and the conditions for all the plants remained the same throughout the experiment. To ensure the experiment was fair, two control plants were also left to grow in silence. The results showed that women on average saw their plants rise by an inch on their male counterparts.

I often think I am absolutely crackers when I find myself gushing aloud to a particularly lovely rose or congratulating cucumbers as they twine up the bamboo lattice (“good job!”) – but maybe they like it.  I even apologize when a plant is fading and I have to dig it up and exile it to compost.  Now I’m thinking that perhaps I’m not as daft as I thought.  Maybe I am contributing in some way.  Maybe I should memorize Hermia’s monologue and speak it in my best Minnie Mouse voice as I weed around the tomatoes.

Don’t leave me hanging out to dry here.  I need confessions.  Do you talk to your vegetables as they grow?  If you do, are they bigger, stronger, better????  If you’re a guy, do you think the Telegraph article is sexist?  That is was content not pitch?

4 thoughts on “Tomatoes Thrive on Girlspeak

  1. I do talk to my plants. I cant say whether they are bigger or not, I dont really do it for them, I talk because I like to think of them as my friends who are busy making me food just because they love me so much. I guess if it makes them bigger, thats great!

  2. I’m always chattering away while I’m in my garden. I like to talk to the plants – they’re a captive audience you know?! I like the idea that talking to your plants will help them grow. The garden is somewhere I can go and relax and vent a little… I love my garden.

  3. I started vegetable seeds indoors this year and I greeted them every morning when I turned on their fluorescent lights and I said good night to them at night when I turned the lights off. I also praised them and touched them affectionately during waterings.

    The mature plants are strong and healthy, more so than store-bought plants from years past. Are they bigger? The tomatoes are normal size but the cucumbers are ready to take over the yard and are producing like crazy. Now I don’t really talk to them, rather I spend time in the garden being present and mostly in a state of wonder.

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