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We’re back with almost-spring fever and we’re giving away several books, courtesy of the Bastyr University bookstore, over the next few weeks.   First on the docket is:

A comprehensive and authoritative text providing information on the usefulness, effectiveness and appropriateness of the use of herbal remedies in childhood. Includes a clear and detailed explanation of Ayurvedic theory and practice and over 40 monographs of the most useful Western and Ayurvedic herbs.

  • A practical guide to the safe and effective use of herbal medicines from East and West in pediatric primary care.
  • Easily accessible information ensures quick reference in practice
  • Case histories and practical tips make this an essential companion for all professionals in primary care.

This is a very-friendly guide for safe home care that you’ll definitely want if you are a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle.  Here’s how to enter to win (Only ONE winner!):

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3.  What’s your favorite herb that is both edible and therapeutic?   Tell us in a comment.  Yup!  That’s your entry!  Here’s mine:  Ginger.  That’s it.  Ginger baths, hot  ginger compresses, strong ginger tea.  You’ll see this knobby root in many Feeding the Whole Family, Feeding the Young Athlete and Cookus Interruptus recipes.  This one hits the spot: Tofu Edamame Salad with Sesame Chili Dressing.   How about you?  Rosemary?  Chamomile?  Dandelion greens?  Type your answer as a comment to this post.

4. Contest ends at 5 pm on March 2. Check your email on the 3rd . The winners will be chosen by If you don’t respond to your “winner” email within 48 hours, we will choose a new winner (tough love…).

91 thoughts on “Book Giveaway: Herbal Treatment of Children

  1. what a great book! i would have to say ginger as well…it was a godsend when i was pregnant, and always so soothing when i have a bad cold.

  2. So hard to pick just one, but I guess I would pick peppermint because it’s the one that gets most use in our house. We use it alone for headaches, with oregano for tummy issues, and with basil for colds.
    I subscribed and liked cookus with my husbands fb! Thanks!

  3. this would be so great to learn, after teaching Montessori for over 17 years and working with little ones, i would love to learn to work with them and help them even more!!

  4. Chamomile and a little lavender. Lavender alone is too potent for my sensitive nose/headaches, but the right combo at bedtime helps to put my little ones to sleep. And there’s nothing quite like a quiet happy mama settling down with a warm cup of chamomile lavender tea.

  5. This is a very difficult question: so many herbs to choose from! I will have to narrow it down to CHAMOMILE. Inhaling the steam to relieve congestion, drinking the tea for relaxation, using it to cleanse eye infections and smells wonderful!

  6. What perfect timing! I am the coordinator for Mount Kisco Child Care Center’s Feed Me Fresh Garden to Table program. We are adding a new layer to our curriculum this year: HERBS!
    We’ll be growing and learning about 12 herbs over the next few months here at the center. I’ll bet parents would love to learn about herbal treatment modalities.

  7. I’m not sure if it’s an herb, but we like arnica! It’s great orally and topically for pain relief.
    Ginger is a close second, for the same reasons others have named.

  8. It’s a tie between parsley and cilantro — blood-building and detoxifying, and both so delicious. I grow parsley as a groundcover and chop handfuls of it for tabbouleh or mixed with chopped greens. Bunches of cilantro sauteed in butter — mmm!

  9. Chamomile. From helping the little ones with teething to giving me a way to relax from the stresses of the day, it’s super helpful!

  10. We could not live without peppermint! From mint in teas for the stomach, mint muddled for mojitos, mint sprigs in salads, mint pared with chocolate in pies, even a carpet of mint lining the garden pathways to repel the little critters, it is an essential herb. Also, what would the holidays be without peppermint in the kitchen?

  11. Garlic! Besides being delicious, it boasts a ton of health benefits – antimicrobial, good for the digestive and cardiovascular systems, energetically warming, strengthens immunity and much more. I love it soups, stews and pestos. Yum!

  12. Gosh! To pick a favorite??!! Right now I am loving the soothing qualities of peppermint tea. But chamomile and lavender are right up there!

  13. It depends on the symptoms but my favorite is raw garlic! Is garlic an herb??? I don’t know but it’s a very effective immune booster. My next is eucalyptus in a bath and to steam my face in.

  14. I am new to all of this, but I’m having such a good time discovering spices and their benefits. Ginger I just love in everything, turmeric/curry is my new love, and cinnamon is the spice everybody enjoys the most!

  15. I’d have to say ginger or tumeric. I make lots of curry dishes to get both of them! Make us feel good physically and emotionally!

  16. Calendula is one of my favorites that I like to keep on hand. We use it in a balm, hydrosol, herbal spray, or essential oil! I have found that it works well on fiery diaper rashes, cuts, scrapes, eczema and more. 🙂

  17. I love thyme! I use it in a lot of winter dishes and love to steep it in tea for digestive issues, as well as cold and sinus symptoms.

  18. Gosh… I’d have to go with ginger and cinnamon together! Boiling a cinnamon stick with some ginger root makes the most wonderful tea for a tummy ache. 🙂

  19. My favourite varies from season to season…lemon balm in the summer and right now GINGER…….footbaths for the sniffles, tea for a soothing cuppa, with chicken in that special soup supper and a fresh inhalant for that spicy pick me upper!

  20. Thyme is a wonderful spice in many different dishes and cuisines. It also makes a nice tea and wonderful cough syrup. I made this cough syrup for my children when they were young. Easy to make: Steep a cup of dried thyme in about a cup of water for a few hours, then add about a cup of honey. Taste great and works very well!

  21. My favorite healing foods are too numerous to reply in just a few words here. Lately I have been brewing up Golden Milk which is rich with turmeric and ginger roots, cinnamon and black pepper and honey. We have been enjoying infusing almond milk with these healing spices and coconut milk is extra rich. At the first sign of feeling low, weak or sniffy I make Golden Milk.

  22. Sage for runny noses, and tummy aches, it’s also a great sedative for anxious little ones. We combine it with other herbs in tea

  23. Horsetail (the official name, as there are two varieties and these get confused is Equisetum Hymale). I love using this while pregnant and at all times since it’s such a calcium bone builder. In addition, it helps your enamel grow for your teeth, so we use it in our tooth powder and overall it’s such a wonderful vibrant green!

  24. Thyme! For the flavour it gives to soups and for treating small problems, in France we call it the remedy for “tout petit maux” (all little troubles).

  25. Dandelion is an awesome herb! Medicinal, edible, and ornamental – it covers all the bases. 🙂 It was also our class flower for the Bastyr Herbal Sciences 2003 group. <3

  26. I would have to say ginger. It is the herb I find myself using most easily, and it has so very many uses! It tastes great in foods, juices and end of the day hot toddys.

  27. Ginger is a life saver for me. If I don’t drink a tea with ginger in it regularly I get headaches. Ginger tea is the only thing that gets rid of them and keeps them at bay. I enjoy Yogi Tea’s Lemon Ginger. The lemongrass is lovely smelling. Also, I use lemongrass EO in my kitchen cleaner.

  28. Nettles! For menopausal symptoms, toning adrenals, strengthening bones….
    In fact, I’m going to make me a cup of nettle tea right now!

  29. Ginger, ginger, ginger. We add it to our green smoothies every morning and then save the peel to toss in the teapot with a bit of mint and licorice root. On weeknights, it usually finds its way into whatever we are stir-frying. Delicious!

  30. Peppermint – it grows prolifically in my garden – I step outside, bend down and pick – put it in green drinks, lemonade, and in my mouth!

  31. Turmeric– it’s like eating the sun! I live golden milk and curry–which means cinnamon , cardamom, and ginger come in close behind.

  32. My favorite herb right now is marshmallow root. Great for sore throats and soothing to irritated tissues. Also excellent for making marshmallows. Or marshmallow fluff. Or hair detangler.

    I am signed up for emails and liked your Facebook page.

  33. Ginger! love it in everything. Love making lemon honey ginger tea (or the honey ginger syrup in Feeding the whole family) when anyone around here is sick. My girls love it in our green smoothies and peach “ice cream” we make in the blender (frozen peaches from last summer+coconut milk+fresh grated ginger). My 5 year old will even tell me, “mom, this batch doesn’t have enough ginger!”

    I also love love the smell of lavender.

  34. Ok, not its on FB AND the blog! :D. At the moment, Milk Thistle tea to help milk production for my growing baby girl!

  35. I love turmeric. It’s beautiful color, the earthy flavor it lends to spice combinations and the foods they go into do wonders for my senses. But I’ve just recently discovered the medicinal properties. I have been plagued this winter by sinus pressure against the nerves of my teeth. Dentist couldn’t help, just diagnose. I was popping ibuprofens throughout the day, every day. Then I came across a turmeric tea recipe in a blog (101 Cookbooks, Heidi Swanson). The author had tried it for shoulder pain, and it worked. The recipe sounded delicious, so I, too tried it. To day it worked is an understatement. Now I drink a cup daily, and it has kept that painful condition at bay. But best of all, it is beautiful to see and delicious to drink!

  36. Ginger! I love juicing ginger with lemon, orange, grapefruit and turmeric and dusting it with cayenne. It’s my morning OJ!

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