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Even if you’ve never been to Seattle, you’ve probably heard about our famous  Pike Place Market which sits in the center of downtown Seattle  at the center of the food scene. With its famous seafood and locally grown produce, it is seven acres of wonderful ingredients and inspiration for the home cook. Cookbook author Jess Thomson has prowled the Market’s stalls, shops, restaurants, and purveyors to assemble 80 wonderful recipes that express all of the flavors of the Market.

I met Jess at a fancy blogger’s dinner (where the food was overwhelmingly good) and cajoled her and the hosts into giving me a copy of the book and a brand new Pike Place Market shopping bag to give away to one of our Cookus Subscribers.

The book and the bag – you’d love to have the pair, right?  Here’s how to enter to win (Only ONE winner!):

1. Be a subscriber of Cookus Interruptus (we check!). Not a subscriber yet? Type your email address in the subscribe box in the uppermost right corner of the home page.  Way up there where the blue social media icons are.

2. Be a friend on Cookus Interruptus facebook. Not our facebook friend? Easy. Go to the Cookus Facebook page and click the thumbs up “like”.

3.  What’s your favorite item to purchase at the farmer’s market?   Tell us in a comment.  Yup!  That’s you entry!  Here’s mine: I truly enjoy visiting my friends from Skagit River Ranch who produce beef, pork, chicken and eggs from well-loved animals. We use beef in very modest amounts and buying from thoughtful producers like Eiko and George is the best.

How about you?  Type your answer as a comment to this post.

4. Contest ends at 5 pm on December 22. Check your email on the 23rd . The winners will be chosen by If you don’t respond to your “winner” email within 48 hours, we will choose a new winner (tough love…).

94 thoughts on “Book Giveaway! Pike Place Market Recipes

  1. I LOVE buying farm fresh eggs, fresh cut seasonal flowers for the table, YUMMY bright orange carrots and delicious rasberries! In my pre-non-gluten days (!), a loaf of crusty bread fresh from the baker’s oven! And those sweet sun gold little tomatoes!

  2. I like to select fresh vegetables including tomatoes, onion, cucumbers and visit with all the people that are excited about fresh items at the farmers maraket

  3. I love buying the things I wouldn’t normally buy at the store…things like honey, grass fed buffalo, in-season fruits. :) I wish I could do all my shopping at the farmers’ market!

  4. I could list just about every sort of vegetable- I love farmers market! But actually the one thing I always buy is apples. They are so much better than store bought ones and my kids gobble them up.

  5. Since leaving Seattle i have really missed raw milk available at farmers market. Love those folks on Vashon who faithfully bring fresh milk meat and cheese to Seattle.

  6. Baby bok choy, oyster mushrooms, farm eggs….following the fresh produce through the seasons! The farmer’s market here in Westminster, MA has a vendor with a portable, wood-fired pizza oven. So cool! & delicious!

  7. I am actually moving to Seattle in two weeks and had to visit the market when we went to visit the area. I was blown away by the beautiful bouquets of flowers! Seriously, I told everyone about them. I bought some juicy apples and beautiful strawberries while visiting. Love you guys, your hilarious videos and delicious recipes!

  8. I love to buy special treats like a very small bee keeper’s raw honey, or a small goat farm’s chèvre. Those specialties are the best at farmer’s markets.

  9. I agree with Serene – My husband loves beets, so it is fun to get different color beets to make for the family!
    At one Farmer’s Market, we got “Dingleberry” jam, which caused my family to Google dingleberry. Do not Google it. :)

  10. I love buying local honey, flowers, produce and grassed beef. I also love talking to the people who grew, harvested or produced the things I’m buying. The people are the best part. :)

  11. I love walking through the market and seeing all the fresh vegetables and flowers. I like to buy the sausage at the German deli (don’t remember the name).

  12. I love comparing prices at the various fruit and vegetable stands at the Pike Place Market and going home with what I felt was a good deal for the day.

  13. I’m so lucky to live and work close to the Pike Place Market! I visit other farmers’ markets around Puget Sound as well and my favorite thing to purchase is Rachel’s Ginger Beer. The flavors are intense and so awesome! And they recently started shipping to other areas –

  14. I really appreciate the Deck Family Farmers who rotate their livestock on organic pasture — even their pigs have room to roam. I love their sausage and knowing their meat is healthy and sustainably produced.

  15. I love buying crab at the Market. Before I even lived in Seattle, I would make it a point to buy Dungeness crab and a loaf of fresh baked bread for lunch and sit and munch. yum, yum, yum!

  16. I have only been to the Pike Place Market once as I live in San Diego, but I was so impressed with the amazing variety of things sold there and the cleanliness of the place. I so wish we had a place just like it here in San Diego, and am looking forward to another trip to Seattle just to be able to spend more time at Pike Place.

  17. I love the Bellingham Farmer’s Market and enjoy the fresh fish from the bay when offered as well as the many, many fresh fruits and vegetables on hand and a Mallard’s ice cream cone to eat while walking around.

  18. I am so into Brussel Sprouts right now! My likes change with the seasons and I’m lovin’ these little critters right now! I’ve made them so many different ways and still going! I’m excited to see what my next passion will be! Happy Shopping!

  19. At Argenta Farmer’s Market and, I get the freshest veggies from my local area. I enjoy meeting and getting to know the farmer’s and their families at the market. Plus, there are several opportunities to join the farmers and local chefs at farm-to-table events during the year to celebrate the bounty.

  20. I love to buy fresh greens at the Farmer’s Market such as kale, spinach, various lettuces, etc. They just have so much more flavor than the supermarket.

  21. Took the Savor Seattle Food Tour of Pikes Market and loved it! We can’t get enough of the this wonderful city. To have a cookbook, so that we can keep enjoying that great experience, would be awesome. Here in Florida the food is not the same.

  22. We go to the Olympia Farmer’s Market almost weekly. My favorite item to buy is the local whole milk yogurt for my 18 month old daughter, throw in some fresh fruit and she loves it!

  23. Love Pike’s Place! When visiting family in West Seattle I enjoy my jaunts to the market. I love the cheese shop, bakeries and yes sailing in the sound. I reside in MI.


  24. I love getting local honey from the multiple different farmers’ markets here in the Columbia Gorge. Each little town has its own farmers’ markets during the growing seasons, and it’s a pleasure to get to know the bee keepers and what they have their bees feeding on!

  25. Berries whatever kind they have such an abundance in the summer. blue berries, rasberries, strawberries by the flat I can never have enough. They just shout summer to me.

  26. Strawberries, plump peas, carrots, squash…whatever is in season!!! The kids love all the samples of berries, cheese, brocolli, and the sweet honey sticks!

  27. I commented in the wrong place.. so I will repeat and add here:
    My favorite thing(s) at the Pike Street Market are fresh, well trimmed and cut ox tails Mmmmmm
    and the ingredients for Latin Cooking that are not easily found in the Yakima Valley, especially ingredients for Peruvian food:)

  28. The Market is Seattle’s cultural cornerstone. It’s where I come to meet the acquaintance of the flying fish of the day, where all of my senses converge and are willingly hijacked; they stand straight up in befuddled salutation at the dizzying bouquet of colors, textures and sweet and pungent aromatics dancing to the song of the indomitable poet and his guitar. The fog in my head never lifts, but is held spellbound by sweet, smokey incense, jewel-colored spices and beads, vinyl records, books, alpaca sweaters, Pike Place logo-emblazoned Aprons hanging overhead, the most gorgeous ears of elephant garlic you’ll ever taste, apples, beets, garlands of chile, honey, and my favorite, a moonfaced lotion bar made by Moon Valley Organics. The Market is home.

  29. Moved to Ontario from BC a few yrs. ago due to a family crisis, and daily miss the entire west coast. Used to go to Seattle frequently, and loved to go to the Pike Place market. Sweet memories.

  30. I love everything about the farmer’s market…the fresh produce, the fruits!! My favorite thing to buy would be the amazing berries when they come in to season, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries.

  31. Flowers at Pike Place; any of usual organics from West Seattle farmer’s market where we shop almost every Sunday throughout the year.

  32. I love buying berries and peaches during the summer. So much better than anything bought at the store & it’s great supporting the farmers that work so hard to raise them sustainably.

  33. Love discovering new vegetables or fruit or a new way to prepare an old favorite. For example discovered sweet potato greens this fall – YUM! Kiwi berries, watermelon radishes, baby turnips – gorgeous!

  34. When we lived in Seattle, I LOVED “Tiny’s” Cherrys! They were delicious! I also loved all the fresh organic produce I could buy there and the friendly people. I miss it! Thanks for the opportunity to participate! Happy Holidays!

  35. Whatever’s fresh and in-season. There are so many wonderful options I just get inspired when I’m there and pick whatever looks delicious. Last Christmas Eve my husband and I spent the morning at Pike Place Market picking up fresh Dungeness crab and clams from Jack’s and delicious bread from Le Panier for a Christmas Eve seafood feast with friends, along with last minutes gifts and flowers. I think that this may have to be a new tradition for us.

  36. My favorite thing to buy, by far, is honey. Not only are there different varieties to purchase, but consuming the local honey has helped my husband’s allergies!

  37. There are so many items to choose from, however, I can never leave Pike’s Place without stocking up on tea at Marketspice!

  38. No. No. You cannot make me choose just one thing! From Frank’s Produce, my go to guy for any special event cooking, to Port Townsend Creamery for that cheese that is just a cut above the rest to buying the flowers for my wedding last August, the Pike Market is truly where I go to be inspired!

  39. Hmmmmm,. It depends on the season and the farmers market. When I’m in Seattle I love Pike Place Market and getting fresh fish, oysters if they have them, flowers, and apples. Here at home in southwest Colorado we actually have a winter farmers market produced (pun intended) by a local greenhouse and nursery, ( )so even at 7,000 ft. Elevation we get fresh greens. My favorites are squash, winter and summer, and all the greens, and local honey.
    I love your work!

  40. As a semi-locavore, I love my local farmer’s market where I can buy fresh seasonal produce such as lettuce, tomatoes, garlic and our famous “Hearts of Gold” cantaloupes. Other favorites are goats milk cheese and grass fed beef.

  41. I get super carried away at the farmer’s market. In early summer, I usually carry home my weight in tomatoes. In spring and fall, basil and string beans.

  42. I love getting fresh greens at the farmers market…kale, chard, spinach, etc. because I can’t grow my own and I know they are easy to grow locally, so I hate buying them at the grocery store from hundreds of miles away.

  43. I love the Ojai farmer’s market – the smells, the tastes and the assortment of interesting people. I buy whatever smells the best that day – whether it’s the veggies, fruits or beautiful flowers. It doesn’t work to try and buy the best selling people though – I learned that lesson real quick!!

  44. Grow my own fresh greens so my favorite Farmer’s Market purchases are local honey, homemade pestos from local mercants and farm fresh eggs and all local fruit in season

  45. While it is hard to pass up any of the wonderful, seasonal, fresh fruits and veggies, I am a sucker for Beecher’s cheese curds, or any small-batch fresh cheese!

  46. Buying any kind of fresh produce or eggs from pasture-raised chickens at the farmer’s market makes me feel more excited to cook and share goodies with my family!

  47. Pike Place Market has it all! As visitors to Seattle in October, we rented an apartment a block away. We cooked dinner on two occasions for our Seattle friends and relatives. Everything we needed was right there—from fresh fish to fruits and vegetables to condiments to wine to flowers.

  48. I don’t get to the Market as often as I’d like, since I live on Whidbey. But I always buy flowers when I’m down there.

  49. Mine is actually a none food item. I love going to the farmer’s market with my husband and buying flowers. It reminds me of when we were dating and makes me feel so relaxed and positive about the next week!

  50. It seems like every time I go to Pike Place Market – and that’s a lot since it’s a 7-minute walk from work – I see something new. I love trying things I’ve never seen before, like black trumpet mushrooms or Roja garlic, but one of my favorite things to pick up is baby artichokes. “Yum” is an understatement!

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