Book Giveaway: Fermented Foods For Health


This fabulous book from colleague extraordinaire has just hit the shelves.  It’s timely, well-researched, full of vital information and healing recipes AND we’re giving away a copy!

Use the Power of Probiotic Foods to Improve Your Digestion, Strengthen Your Immunity, and Prevent Illness
by Deirdre Rawlings

We advocate eating fermented foods as a part of your daily diet on Cookus Interruptus (hence our sourdough bread fundraiser, recipes for sauerkraut and more). Fermentation is a process that uses microscopic organisms to transform food into easily digested, long-lasting, probiotic rich foods.   Increasing good bacteria in your diet is important for intestinal health—and a healthy intestinal tract means a healthy immune system, as 70% of our immune system resides in the intestines.

Holistic nutritionist and naturopath Deirdre Rawlings, Ph.D., makes  incorporating these vital foods into your meals simple and accessible. She does this not only with recipes for relishes, tonics, chutneys, yogurt, kefir and more, but also by clearly outlining these powerful foods work therapeutically.

I’m often confounded by the constant bickering between advocates of restrictive diets; each side claiming their way is the right way. Ms. Rawlings supersedes the nutrition rabble babble by cutting to one of chief causes of our ill health – poor gut bacteria – and gives us a toolkit for feeling better.

You want this book; you NEED this book, right?  Be the winner.  Here’s how to enter:fermented-foods_soup

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3.  Taking the time to “make your own” food – whatever that means to you – can heal us on many levels.  What dish or recipe do you make time for? Not every day but once in a while. As evidenced by our recent fundraiser, you may have guessed that I have become a routine sourdough bread maker.  Now I’m as busy as all the rest of you are so don’t be all like – oh she just sits at home playing with food.  Not true.  But there is something about my weekly ritual of putting that loaf of bread together that reminds me that the world is full of good things if we just stop it already and pay attention. Anybody with me?

Your turn. Type your answer as a comment to this post.

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101 thoughts on “Book Giveaway: Fermented Foods For Health

  1. I make a version of your peanut butter cranberry zoom zoom bars every week. They are the perfect snack and they keep the kids and adults in our family from having between meal meltdowns!

  2. So…as all things, I’ve been reading and dreaming about making my own fermented food forever! And, well, finally, beet kvass & sauerkraut made the list. I am making time to try rather than be perfect…to experiment and not worry about the outcome. Here’s to fermenting!

  3. I make my own jam – nothing like eating jam that I have made in the middle of winter to remind me of the delight of summer!

  4. this is an area of food and wellness i need to learn more about!! just enrolled with andrea beaman and i know she will be teaching all the benefits and this would help me to create those benefits for my family/friends/clients!!

  5. Every morning I wake up around 6 a.m. to cook breakfast and lunch for my husband and for myself. The dish that I make time for is my husbands favorite meal which is chicken salad. I boil the chicken, chop up spinach, tomatoes, carrots, and celery. I take time to make my home-made mayonnaise, which tastes so much better than the stuff that’s at supermarkets. I add all the ingredients together and voilà I have made a great tasting chicken salad!

    ~Annette Acuña

  6. I keep the Sourdough Starter going on my kitchen counter. I use it not just for bread but also for English Muffins and cake!

  7. Right now I’m on day 32 of a 60 day juice fest. After this I’m adopting a plant-based diet – no meat, no dairy. I’ve always been a veggie-girl, but with too much refined sugar and flour; this juice fest is kicking my cravings to the curb. I’m looking forward to exploring many of the plant based recipes I’m finding on line – but here’s one my honey & I came up with a couple years ago that will be the first meal off my juice fest. Eggplant Pizza. Thinly slice eggplants vertically into rounds, overlap the circles in a spiral to cover a pizza pan. Drizzle w/ olive oil, salt & pepper, bake for 15 minutes at 350. Take the “pizza crust” out of the oven and top with your favorite pizza toppings, bake for another 12-15 minutes until the top is nicely browned and enjoy!

  8. My favorite kind of “make your own food” is preparing homemade soup. Or even just chicken or vegetable stock. Especially on a chilly fall afternoon. It’s so comforting to me to have that pot simmering on the back of the stove. The smell of the soup cooking – garlic, bay leaf, thyme… The humidity in the kitchen from the steam. The radio playing classical music in the background. Ah! I just love it.

  9. We’re into homemade everything here! Salsa is big right now…pesto too. Sourdough bread with walnuts slathered with cashew cheese…oh yeah. Double nutz. Last night my daughter and her husband brought over some homemade beer which was delish. I made some of my pickled beets for Father’s Day…I rely on Cookus Interruptus for new ideas…you never disappoint!

  10. I take the time to make myself a big healthy breakfast every morning: massaged kale salad topped with grated carrots, homemade sauerkraut, dried cranberries, sometimes blue cheese, and always a fried egg with nutritional yeast. It’s a wonderful way to start my day!

  11. I have been making my own kefir – takes a bit of time, but well worth it.
    Also, I bake homemade granola every week.

  12. I make Maple Nut Granola weekly. Bread. I can tomatoes, salsa, pickles, fruit preserves. Looking to make more and more just to save money!

  13. I make most everything at home – just my personal philosophy. The one thing I do make time for is pasta. We love pasta having two young boys. Fresh pasta is so nice for most things!

  14. I regularly take the time to make a big batch of crockpot yogurt for myself, and a double-batch of granola for my husband and I. I’ve also started a sourdough starter this spring, and I like to use it to make sourdough waffles.

  15. Diligently/delightfully working into great fresh meals (almost) everything we get from the CSA every week (we get the Spring, Summer and Fall/Winter shares – so grateful). So many wonderful greens, kohlrabi is such a treat, along with beets, and hakuri white turnips!

    And, in addition to the regular whole wheat loaf for my family every few days, I’ve gotten back to sourdough country loaves…baked in dutch oven. Also play with GF (to mix up what we need digest/manage in our systems), and some fermented goodies, again.

    Oh, and BTW…the Mediterranean Quinoa recipe is the huge-ist hit every time. My teen daughter makes it for her friends’ get togethers, too! I always give out the recipe with link/references to your book. FAVE!

  16. I received a dehydrator for Christmas and have been experimenting wIth drying produce when I can get bulk good organic fruit and vegetables which I then use to supplement the fresh food in our daily diet. Every day I try to take the time to create a meal rich in anti oxidants and immune support foods which we have found helps us to boost energy level as well as manage our stress.

  17. I made ,y first sourkraut last fall. Can’t wait todo it again as soon as the cabbage shows up at the farmer’s market!

  18. I love many fermented foods and try to eat some daily. My latest favorite is SOOOO easy, quick and nutritious. Pickled eggs! Yup. I hard boil (lightly — just bring the water to a boil, covering 6-7 eggs with tap water in a non-aluminum pot) and after the water boils let the eggs sit in the hot water for another 10-12 minutes. Then rinse with cold water, peel the eggs and pop into a jar of Bubbies pickles which has been emptied of pickles. The Bubbies pickle water is GREAT for pickling steamed, cubed beets, left-over fish, left-over bits of cabbage and bok choy and carrots and brocolli in the fridge. Also works for hard boiled eggs. If you want your pickled beets to be an unusual color, place them in pickle juice that was previously used to pickle beets.

  19. I just love making a big vat of chicken soup from scratch-roasting and boiling the bones, chopping all the yummy veggies, etc. The house smells great for days!

  20. I’ve started making more and more of my own sauces and dips, and find they make the weeks lunches and some dinners so much easier if I have them in the fridge. Things like raw cashew ranch dressing, some sort of thai sun butter sauce (always varies), pesto type sauce, pumpkin seed pate, etc.
    This book looks fantastic.

  21. As a holistic nutritionist, I very much understand and advocate for people to incorporate fermented foods into their daily lives. BUT it has only been within the past year that I myself have begun experimenting with fermenting my own food. I NEED this book. :)

  22. I try to make homemade baked goods as often as possible. I have two picky eaters in my house but they will eat pretty much anything if it’s in a muffin…fruits, veggies, nuts, whole grains, etc.

  23. Great post! Every day I make a green smoothie for our family full of MANY great greens and a few fruits. I make time to make my own almond milk every other day, and we make time to be thankful for the nutritious bounty that is available to us. LOVE the way healthy makes us feel! :)

  24. Yes! Every week I try to make something – whether it be a dinner, salad or side dish that I can go to throughout the week. When I eat lunches that I’ve made, it helps me feel good at work, and healthier.

  25. I love making my own humus. It’s a great addition to vegetarian sandwiches and wraps and makes a great dip for veggies and crackers. And it’s super easy and quick for all of us who are so busy. :)

  26. Timely post, I just got a SCOBY from my yoga teacher classmate :-)
    When I have time, I like to make a spicy healing Asian-inspired soup with lots of veggies…perfect for this colder than usual summer!

  27. Being gluten intolerant I’ve had to give up my favorite thing in the whole, wide world…sourdough bread. But, I’ve been trying my hand at making saurkraut and other foods that are good for the gut. I need this book for inspiration!

  28. Crock pot yogurt! Every (almost) Sunday I make a batch. It’s so easy and so much more affordable to make my own Greek style yogurt. I just need to come up with way of using up all the whey.

  29. Sourdough pancakes are one of my favorite homemade special foods I treat my husband and self to on weekend mornings. But I also love taking the time every summer to catch, smoke and can salmon. The time and effort from start to finish is a satisfying process.

  30. I recently started making kombucha, a fermented tea. Although i gave up sodas about five years ago, i still crave a coke every now and then. It’s a great soft drink replacement since it gets a little fizzy after about 5-7 days in the pantry. It’s also very good for the gut flora. I am currently battling a candida overgrowth so I would love to add more fermented foods to my diet. I also make my own granola using top quality organic ingredients.

  31. I also made the Be Bop Breakfast and also loved it. I thought it sounded really different and actually tried it because it was so different from anything else I eat. I was simply curious. It is now a favorite. I also have a crazy vegetable pasta I make with sauteing onion, some kind of green vegetable (mostly asparagus or broccoli), fresh tomatoes, and whatever I have in the frig and putting over a spinach pasta.

  32. I cook almost every day from real, alive, whole foods. I have stated to make fermented veg, but still think of myself as a novice… so yes I need this book. I recently made a delicious fermented veg to boost the immune system. It was full of cabbages, carrots, and a little apple for balance… fabulous!

  33. My kids and I make banana muffins (with coconut flour) once a week, they really love it and can almost make them on their own now. It has indeed become a family tradition

  34. I so enjoy making milk kefir…and I was NEVER a milk drinker! But using those wonderful (and cute!) little “cauliflowers” that turn good milk into something healthy and delicious is ….. well, just plain joyful!!! Love watching them expand… like a little garden in a jar. Ready to branch out and go for the veggie fermentation…and a more healthy gut!

  35. I make time for cooking beans from scratch every few days and freeze them so I always have some ready for recipes. I make sure to have some soaking in the fridge most of the time so that I make myself do it! Its gotten to be a habit now and I love the flavor so much more than canned… I’ll never go back!

  36. One thing I always make is granola for my husband. The recipe is one that his brother gave me and is full of healthy oats, wheat germ, seeds, nuts and fruit with honey and maple syrup to sweeten it a bit. He leaves the two empty jars on the counter top to signal me to make more when he starts on the third container.
    I like to make my own kimchi every couple years or so. Expanding fermented food recipes sounds excellent!

  37. I make chicken stock – whether from a leftover farmers market rotisserie chicken carcass, or from chicken I’ve bought for the purpose, it is so worth the effort because of the soups, braised greens, extra-yummy rice – any of the many things I can do with it. Right now I’m sitting down to chicken soup with some Japanese-flavored kimchi heaped on top. Yum!

  38. About 1-1/2 years ago, I was having a bad day at work. Solution? Easy. Buy a Zoe breadmaker and a Family Mill grinder. Don’t tell me you can’t buy happiness! Now I buy organic grains in bulk, grind my own flour, mainly from Spelt and Kamut, and bake bread at least twice a week. I use the Zoe’s overnight timer to make the bread more digestible. Next, I bought the flaker attachment for the Family Mill grinder. We now enjoy fresh oatmeal for cereal, granola, oatmeal bars, cookies, etc. I also grind organic corn to make cornbread. I don’t advocate a spending spree as a cure for the blues, but I gotta tell ya, I’m happy I had that bad day! Here’s this morning’s bread—missing a couple of slices we had for breakfast.

  39. Recently I have begun making my own almond milk. It is sooo much tastier than the store bought brands and tastes good in my coffee. Because of this I have been able to make the switch away from half and half without feeling like I’m missing the creaminess in my coffee.

  40. I’ve been a home-made meal person forever! Home-made yogurt has been a regular for the past couple of years. I long to return to bread-making (it has been decades!), and think my gut would probably thank me for exploring fermentation further. Playing with food is just plain fun, and growing my own (as much as is possible) makes it even more so.

  41. I enjoy making homemade stock (using up that carcass is so satisfying), granola (a wonderful breakfast), almond or cashew milk (ever so yummy on that granola), and ice cream (nothing better…ahhh)

  42. I always make all our yogurt, hummus, applesauce, and jams. We make other things, too, but those are the foods we never buy in the store.

  43. I make my own yogurt, homemade stocks, and jams. I recently have begun working on sauerkraut. And every day for lunch I make a big salad with lots of raw veggies and some type of protein to top it.


  45. I always make time to cook, it helps me center myself. I have always made dinner every night, home made bread, yogurt and granola for our family; for the last year or so I have also made our ice cream. Most often I cook on the weekends for the week.

  46. I love making time to whip up a batch of yogurt. A delicious good food my family enjoys. I’m amazed every time by how it goes from warm sloshy milk to firm tangy yogurt.

  47. What I always make time for – homemade salad dressings and mayo; there is just no way I will ever go back to store bought. The time saved from reading labels alone is worth it.

  48. This is so timely! At the moment I am totally into fermenting foods and think this will be a lifestyle decision for us. I have kombucha on the go and also kefir and beet kvaas! All fabulous! There is nothing more refreshing than a cold glass of kombucha on a hot day! I would love to know more about fermenting foods perhaps using the whey from my kefir!

  49. For me, making kefir began as one food experiment among many. It has evolved into a satisfying rhythm of straining, stirring, and waiting. I often make it on the sly, though, so my daughter doesn’t eat all the “sour cottage cheese” (aka kefir grains).

  50. Every August, I set aside a weekend to make my own thin-sliced “stacker” garlic dill pickles. I get out my mandolin and slice the cucumbers to make them the perfect thickness and length for sandwich making. yummy!!! I have tried making crock pickles so I wouldn’t have to lose the probiotics by canning, but I haven’t mastered that skill yet.

  51. When my son was younger I made sandwich bread nearly every week. It got to feel like a chore, frankly, something I had to do. Then – he started baking bread! OK, that’s not me making time to make something in the kitchen, but lemme tell you, watching him enjoy the process of baking the bread, experimenting with different ingredients and shapes, has brought back some of the magic for me. This weekend we were visiting family and he gave a loaf to his grandma. Over the next few days they made several batches of bread together (she bakes, too, but wanted to learn his ‘secret’). It was really special to watch them together. Now I’m looking forward to baking bread on my next day off! If the kitchen is available, that is… :-)

  52. I love looking back on old times and realizing that people could make just about anything as long as they had milk, flour, and eggs in the larder. I’ve been making so many things from these items that I complement with fresh produce from my garden. I’ve been making butter, cheese, yogurt, crackers, bread, and pasta. The best thus far has been homemade pasta with the Diane Morgan recipe for Carrot-Top Pesto (though, I did substitute roasted sunflower seeds for the pine nuts — it was very, very good).

  53. i have been getting into the habit of making granola every other week for my breakfasts (your maple nut butter recipe is a fave!). if i make a big batch on a sunday night, i have enough to go with plain yogurt and a banana for breakfast for the next two weeks! i’m enjoying it a lot.

  54. For the past year I have been making my own kefir cheese and kefir soda. I give the kefir an extra day or so to separate and then I strain it separating the kefir solids from the whey. I usually make a Riata with it and enjoy it with a plate of crisp raw veggies. Yum!

    Kefir soda is another favorite.

    As a product of the 60′s and 70′s I was raised on the unhealthy convenience foods of the time and developed a love for ginger ale. Now that I know how to eat better, I stay away from things that are packed with enough sugar to kill a horse . . . like your average commercial soda. And even worse, diet soda!

    I ferment my kefir grains in organic sugar and water for 3-4 days. Taking care not to expose the beverage to a lot of air, there by losing the carbonation, I strain off the liquid into individual containers (Grolsh bottles work great!). To add the ginger flavor, take a few pieces of fresh ginger and add them to the container. If you freeze the ginger first and defrost it, you can easily squeeze the juice into the bottles. Cap quickly to keep the fizz. Let stand out at room temp. another 3-4 days and then refrigerate. Sweeten to taste with liquid stevia.

  55. My new favorite early this spring was nettle pesto–Amazing! Now, I’m really enjoying your Sorrel Chimmichuri, since I’ve got an abundance of sorrel this year. Love fermenting, lately working on Kimchi.

  56. I like making my own sauerkraut, and I even have a handmade traditional pot for it. I still have to find back into my sourdough bread making routine, since I’m back to work again (have been a SAHM for 8 years) everything needs to be reorganized, but I know I can do it. I make yogurt and, from that, labneh, and I like to use the whey for baking or soaking oats for breakfast. Love your website, browse here very often, thank you!

  57. When I buy a whole chicken, I definitely make time to use the carcass and make bone broth. So healing and so delicious!

  58. Every year I treat myself to Beet Green Souffle, from a 1997 collection published by Ellen Ogden of Cook’s Garden. It is a bit time-consuming with sauteeing of the beet greens, cooking and slicing the beet root, whipping up the egg whites and yolks separately, folding in – but it is absolutely delicious, and a great way to use the whole beets and my own free-range eggs.

  59. I save all my veggies scraps and bones from a chicken and make healing bone broth! All the broth can then be used for so many great soups and other dishes!!

  60. I make time to make breakfast every morning. Sometimes the repetition drives me crazy, but I keep doing it because I know the consequences of low blood sugar on my mental state. My favorite b’fast right now is home made hummus on whole wheat bread topped with avocado, EVOO, and salt.

  61. We make our own yogurt and have a batch handy at all times. I use it weekly when I make Ben’s Friday Pancakes. I must say they are the best. And I use peanut butter as the topping. We also have sauerkraut stocked in the fridge ready to go.

  62. Homemade smoothie in the Vitamix with Kale, Chia Seeds, Kefir, Flax seeds, Maca, Fruit, Coconut Milk and Spirulina

  63. I love fermented foods and have been making sauerkraut and kimchee for awhile now. I would love to add a few new things to my repertoire!

  64. I’ve just been getting into culturing foods in the last year thanks to Sandor Katz’s Art of Fermentation and Donna Schwenk of Cultured Food Life. I make kefir various milks (cow, goat, homemade almond and hazelnut, and coconut is my favorite), kombucha, sauerkraut and other veggie ferments, and sourdough. We make probably 90% of what we eat from scratch in our own kitchen, including several favorites from Feeding the Whole Family. It just tastes so much better – and I *love* doing these healthy things for my family. :)

  65. About once a month, I make homemade chicken stock, with leftover carcases from the Costco chicken, celery, onion, and some savory spices. The cooking is easy; the sorting the gunk tedious, but it’s well worth it. I use the broth all sorts of ways.

  66. Bread, granola, yogurt, and syrups are my regular dishes. Some are weekly, some are monthly, but they need to be in the house at all times, or we feel like we don’t have any food, even if the refrigerator is otherwise full!

  67. I make my own kombucha! YUMMY and oh so healthy. I’m craving it every day as it’s super refreshing during the summer time.

  68. I love making my own kombucha! Even better than store bought! So easy and fun too. My girls love to check out the scoby’s!

  69. Never thought I would, but have been making bone broth every couple of weeks… Had it on a cleanse over the winter and just love to have it available to sip on with a little miso – amazing for the skin.

  70. I am terribly interested in fermented foods! A weekly staple for me is homemade whole wheat bread made with fresh ground wheat. It’s taken a while for the fam to adjust, but now my youngest (8) won’t eat any bread that’s not whole wheat. Victory!

  71. I used to MAKE the time to make bread every week for my busy, healthy family. Now my husband and I are empty nesters and I make bread every couple of weeks and then freeze most of it. what I TAKE for now is to explore new foods and new recipes. My favorite of late, are fresh Spring Rolls, using vegies from our garden and left over fish/chicken/tofu. YUMMO. The sauce we dip these in is comprised of 1 part Hoisin to 3 parts seasoned rice wine vinegar.

  72. We make yogurt every week. It is good knowing that we have something so healthy. But our new favorite food to make are a version of cocoroons. It was very healing to have a healthy, tasty treat that we can also be creative with in trying new flavors.

  73. I’ve just started to make my own kimchi (still perfecting the ratios) & homemade bone broths are a staple. I hope to learn how to make kefir soon as well!

  74. I make my own kimchi at home using napa cabbage, american cabbage, cucumbers, all sorts of radishes and root type vegetables. You name it I can make it lol! Kimchi that is. ;)

  75. Every month I make a homemade soup/stew. I use all fresh ingredients including herbs from my own garden. I make it in a huge pot and freeze some of it so we can eat it once a week. We also make a homemade chow chow from vegetables we grow, that we can every summer, it goes great with beans and peas, our favorite combo being mixed greens and black eye peas or even added into some of the soups. I am excited to try Dr D’s recipes and ideas!

  76. I make a big batch of granola every 2 weeks or so. I always use organic oats and coconut oil, but change the other ingredients often.

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