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Holy back-to-school apple-a-day look what’s ready for picking in my yard!


AND this:


These two hook up to create the most popular video on our site (ta da)


Folks go way crazy over this salad I think because they want to love kale but have had  bad experiences with either raw or overcooked kale.  Massaging the leaves with sea salt is not only therapeutic for you, the kale feels the love too. And when you dress those rub-downed leaves with olive oil and apple cider vinegar and then throw in their favorite best friends – it’s too much to resist.  Really.

I wish that I could bow and take full credit for this beautiful salad, but I learned all about it from my friend and colleague Jennifer Adler.  She  was kind enough to let me add it to the 2008 edition of Feeding the Whole Family.

If you haven’t made this NOW is the time.  Not only is it quick, easy, gluten free, vegan (if you omit the cheese) and full of vitality-giving nutrients – it keeps well.  Yup.  This salad will keep in the refrigerator for at least 3 days.  Holds up in the lunch box too.






Dig in.

And tell me why this video is our most popular.  No.  I mean it.  I love this salad and I see that it is unusual, but I want to know why YOU think it captured the #1 spot.  Leave us a message with your 2 cents.

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  1. Aside from it being a fantastic tasting salad (and ever so healthy), I think one of the reasons people click on this recipe is the word “Massage” in the title… who doesn’t wanna know what’s going on when you combine food and massage? 😉

  2. Because, how would you even imagine how to massage kale if you didn’t see it done? I had a massaged kale salad (not this recipe) at a potluck. There was a sign on it so I knew what it was, but I really couldn’t figure out how to massage kale.

  3. Actually, I know why it’s number one. My sister introduced me to it. We made the salad at a family gathering; I hadn’t seen the video. When I got home, I watched the video. Because it’s so incredibly delicious, it comes up often in conversations (especially since I have a lot of friends who have various food restrictions, and most of them can eat this). THEY all have to go watch the video. Then they tell their friends, because it’s so incredibly delicious. . . . And on it goes. It is INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS. Our household now has some variants on the recipe that we use regularly. I went out and bought a very large stainless bowl because we wanted to make bigger batches, even though there are only two of us. Because it is INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS. And amusing.

  4. Fancy seeing you here, Relaena! 🙂 And Deb Robson (love your book!) too.

    I first saw the concept of massaged kale in action at a PCC class I took in the winter of 2011 (massaged kale and quinoa). Then, when the kale exploded in the garden, I needed ways to use up a LOT of it. So I’ve made this recipe more times than I can count, and have eaten it for several days at a time (lots of kale in the garden, so I make vats of this salad!) and can attest to the fact that it keeps and yes, it’s divine.

    I’ve directed people to the recipe via my blog (and see my title all over google on a search…all dated after my post):

    Kale Rocks!

  5. I have always wanted to eat kale because it gets such good press as being super healthy… but every time I tried to prepare it in the past, it was awful (bitter, chewy, did I mention bitter…and chewy?). Anyway, finding this recipe sounded good, but seeing the video made it clear how and why to massage the kale. Every person I share the dish with wants the recipe… so then they get the recipe and the website = exponential growth possibilities for watching this video! Thanks for making eating kale a delicious pleasure!

  6. This became a cult classic immediately, among my friends, after a trip out West. Two restaurants served massaged kale which was delicious! I looked it up when I got back to Tennessee, and discovered Cookus Interruptus. My husband really likes it. We live in an area where fried catfish is still the main dish, so it will take some time to get this dish into the local consciousness.

  7. Anyone who has kale in the garden has LOTS of kale..mine reseeded all over the garden and into flower beds and berms. I am NOT a neat gardener, obviously. I am always looking for ways to fix kale as it is so nutritious..and did I say I have lots of it? Once I make it for friends, they all want the recipe and are introduced to Cookus Interruptus.I have a friend and nutritionist who didn’t care for the kind of kale I grow until she ate this. Now I have people to help me use my kale. Massaging it is a great way to tenderize this wonderful green.

  8. I have made this salad for many a friend in need of a healthful, delicious dinner. Of course, upon tasting the salad, every one of them has asked for the recipe. Because it’s so easy to make, (and super extra delicious, but they already know that) I don’t hesitate to pass it along. I also find myself recommending it when people ask for a quick, yummy salad recipe. I think I love to pass it along because it’s a) mostly raw food; b) easy to make; c) a good way to get people excited about kale; and d) keeps so well in the fridge.

  9. I LOVE, love, love this salad and have passed the link for this recipe to many people. I never realized you could eat raw kale before I made this. I always had kale cooked, but now I much prefer it raw. The balance of sweet, tart, and crunchy with the salty cheese in this recipe is wonderful. And you can make it one day and keeps without wilting for a long while – if you have any left.

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