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Many years ago while visiting my mother-in-law in southern California, I was  preparing a piece of morning toast and peered in the frig to find some butter.  Imagining that I would be scraping the hide off of my  bread trying to spread hard cold butter on it, she walked in and pointed to the counter.  Following her lead I spied this cute little crock.  What a surprise  when I easily pulled off the top and found a little cup of perfectly spreadable delicious butter.  The next Christmas I had my own butter crock thanks to Lura and I have loved it and used it ever since.  I give them as presents.  Christmas, birthdays, hostess gifts, thank-yous.  I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t have one of their counter.  I know you’ll want one too and am bursting with smiles that Butter Bell happily offered to do this giveaway.

The unique design of Butter Bell crocks keeps butter at the perfect “spreading” consistency by reflecting outside heat while insulating and cooling the butter. Flavor and freshness is protected by an airtight seal of water at the base of the crock.  The proper maintenance is so easy it’s silly. Water should be changed out every three days.  The crock should be stored away from heat or sunlight. Holds up to one full stick (1/2 cup) of butter. Softened butter is packed firmly into the bell-shaped lid. Cold water is poured into the base of the crock. The lid is placed upside down back into the base of the crock. And voila – soft, spreadable shelf-stable butter!


1. Take note: we’re giving away TWO.  That’s right, there will be two winners .  We have a beautiful green crock and a blue one (see below or view on this page) .

2.  You gotta be a subscriber of Cookus Interruptus  We check.  Not a subscriber yet? CLICK HERE.

3. Be a friend on  Cookus Interruptus facebook and a Butter Bell FB friend.  Not our facebook friend?  Easy.  Go to the Cookus Facebook page and click the thumbs up “like”. Click here to LIKE Butter Bell. Lots of liking.  Good stuff.

4. Add a comment to this blog post (not facebook)  telling us how you butter someone up.  What works best for me is to give a little jar of my kim chi.  In the summer and fall a jar of homemade apricot or raspberry jam.  Basically I give special peeps any homemade food item that can fit in a jar.   For a really big buttering up I give one of these butter crocks full of pastured butter and a loaf of homemade sourdough bread.  No one paid me to say that either.  But I’m talking about a darn lucky person here. Okay.  I spilled my beans.  Let’s hear from you.  Only ONE entry per person please.  Multiples will be deleted.

5. Contest ends at 5pm on Monday April 16th  Check your email on April 17th .   The  winners will be chosen by random.org.  If you don’t respond to your “winner” email within 48 hours , we will choose a new winner.

195 thoughts on “Butter Bell Butter Crock Giveaway!

  1. I would LOVE a Butter Bell!! I “butter” people up by giving them homemade food in jars too. Most recently a friend helped me paint my house as I was getting it ready for sale. Bam! a jar of kumquat marmalade did the trick.

    I also give the gift of homemade citrus curd. Loaded with BUTTER I might add 🙂

  2. I just moved to a new town this past winter. Since, I have loved hosting little weekend brunch parties for new friends. Not only does it give me a chance to cook for them it also allows me to get to know them better. Nothing says hello like quiche, coffee and mimosas. And, to butter up those friends and family that I left? I’ve been enjoying making little photo albums on the Apple store. They are simple, inexpensive and a personal way to let them know how much I’ve loved our years together and that I look forward to making new memories down the line with them.

  3. The best way to butter someone up is to give them the gift of a sincere compliment. Barring that, anything homemade in a cute jar is a no-brainer!

  4. I always take a dozen eggs from my Black Copper hens. Folks are impressed with the freshness and the dark color. I have found people are nicer to me when I give them eggs…and it is fun to share!

  5. I pick WILD BLACKBERRIES with my mother. These aren’t the large, seedy berries you find on thick vines on the side of the road. These are petite, tart, and have very small seeds. We make cobbler in the summer, and freeze the berries and make jam out of them in the winter. We can butter up ANYONE with wild blackberry ANYTHING!

  6. Cookies, any kind. Add some unexpected spice and some love to the bowl, mix, bake, give away, and watch the recipient melt.

  7. I butter people up with a loaf of freshly baked bread made with grain I grind myself. I would LOVE a Butter Bell Crock as I do keep my butter on the counter!

  8. I recently “buttered up” a friend with some homemade ghee. It was very sincere so I tried not to “spread it on too thick”. 😉

  9. I’ve always wanted a butter crock! I butter them up with homemade baked goods–breads, cookies, cakes, muffins, etc. Canned goods are a good one, too. Especially my favourites: spiced plum jam or canned apple pie filling.

  10. I butter up my husband and twin boys by letting my husband pick an item out of The Cookie Bible and make it for them…and then I put a scoop of ice cream that I flavor pair with the type of cookie and make ice cream sammies! The last one I did was a sugar cookie recipe that I upped the salt in and paired with caramel ice cream for a salted caramel cookie sammie….super scrumdilliumptious!

  11. I butter people up with buttery, flaky biscuits. With butter and jam on top. Or gravy. I hope I can still be entered even though I don’t participate in the Facebook!

  12. My fall fair award-winning carrot cake with cream cheese icing butters anyone up!

    (I am a subscriber to CI and like Cookus and Butter Bell on fb)

  13. Has anyone seen a butter bell that holds less than a stick of butter? I would love to find a mini version since we don’t need to keep a whole half cup of butter soft at one time. (Yes, I could put less butter in the bell I have, but a bell really works best when it’s full of butter!)

  14. I butter my husband up by making Ben’s Friday Pancakes for him. Mmmmmmmmm……with butter, of course!

  15. Fresh figs, roasted over med-low charcoal grill with a dollop of herb-seasoned goat cheese on top…allowing the natural sugar to caramelize and infuse with the goat cheese. Bliss & Butterin’ Up right there!

  16. Hmmmm…..it really depends on who needs the buttering!! Huuby is easily buutered with any combination of peanut butter and chocolate, my daughter with dried mango and my little guy actually LOVES the lemon and garlic quinoa in feeding the whole family!

  17. Ooo… Homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are always nice to butter someone up with. I also like to give books and nice handwritten letters/cards.

  18. I butter a LOT of people up, cuz’ it seems like I am always taking food somewhere–Church gatherings, tennis luncheons, friends in need, parties, and of course, family gatherings. Last summer I made some AWESOME zucchini relish that I have been giving to people and it is so good on sandwiches (for instance–with tuna and NO mayo!) Butter is always a treat with homemade bread or rolls, and a butter bell would be just the thing! Thanks!

  19. I make homemade Larabar type treats for my girls, or any other sweet. Or pumpkin pancakes, which all three love. For my husband it would have to be chocolate pie or brownies.

  20. I’m a subscriber but I’m not on Facebook. I hope it’s still okay to enter.

    I butter up my husband by making hamburgers on homemade buns! Tonight I’ve even gone a step further by making homemade ketchup! He’ll be putty in my hands!

  21. I butter folks up by offering to watch their kids so they can get half a day all to themselves to do whatever they want. Makes them eat out the palm of my hand. 🙂

  22. You’ll have to give me your secret on how to butter people up with kimchi. I seem to be the only one in my life who likes it, except my mother, but she’s 4 states away….

    All of my non-Korean-food-loving friends and family get homemade spicy pickles, or a hand-sewn gift for special occasions. Or for non-special occasions, the gift of my presence, or at least a phone call every now and again. I suppose that’s buttery enough for most!

  23. I butter people up by telling them a joke. Here’s one that has at least some minimal context to the contest.

    A man with no arms applies for the job of bell ringer at the local cathedral. The priest tells him that he’s unqualified for the job because he has no arms to pull the rope to ring the bell. The armless man says that if he can prove he can ring the bell will the priest promise to give him the job. The priest agrees and the two ascend the long flights of stairs leading to the top of the bell tower. At the top of the tower the armless man stares at bell for a moment with determination, takes a deep breath and runs head-long into the bell. The bell rings with a deep long peal. The priest is horrified by the armless man’s now bloodied face but true to his word he agrees to make the man the official bell ringer. The armless man proves to be a diligent worker and every hour on the hour he runs at the bell the appropriate number of times to announce the hour. After several weeks of this, the occupation has taken quite a toll (pun intended) on the armless man. His face is bloodied and scarred and he has become punch drunk. One day he prepares to do his duty for the 3 o’clock ringing but he loses his balance as he charges the bell, missing it altogether as his momentum takes him through the steeple window where he falls to his death. A crowd gathers at the spectacle of the armless man with his bloodied face lying lifeless at the foot of the cathedral. One of the crowd members asks in dismay, “Who was this man?” The priest replies, I never knew his name but his face rings a bell.”

    A few days later the twin brother of the armless man, who is also armless, arrives at the church and explains to the priest that his brother had supported the family with his job and without the income the family will surely starve to death. Against his better judgement, the priest is persuaded to let the twin replace his brother at the position and the twin proves to be just as diligent as his brother was in his duties. One day at 3 o’clock he too loses his balance and flies out the steeple window to his death. Again a crowd gathers and one of the members of the crowd asks, “Who was this man? The priest replies, “I don’t know but he’s a dead-ringer for his brother.

  24. I butter people up with eggs from my hens, jam from my berries, and if I really want something; artisan sourdough bread still warm from the oven….. with butter!!

  25. I butter up my daughter by serving her steamed milk with a splash of vanilla and a spoonful of honey. We call it “hot vanilla.” She quickly becomes very agreeable.

  26. I butter up my husband by preparing beef as a protein. Alas, he doesn’t get buttered up too often, but he’s still kind and gracious enough to praise what I put on the table, even if it’s stinging nettle soup (which we ate on Easter in lieu of filet mignon because a crown fell off my tooth). Personally, I was happier with the soup.

  27. I butter people up by cooking a HUGE meal for them or pass along a jar of home made blueberry jam from our blueberry bushes.
    A butter bell has been something I have wanted to try for a while!

  28. I can butter up anyone in my family with homemade chicken and noodles. They are always willing to help me prepare this dish because the faster it is prepared the the sooner they can eat it. I have them wrapped around ALL my fingers with this one.

  29. I butter people up by feeding them well without them asking for it. People love surprises so why not treat them well.

  30. I butter up my people by cooking for them. My boyfriend loves oven fried chicken and sauteed kale with cabbage and onion. If I really want to score extra butter up points, I bake him a sweet potato pie for dessert.

    For my daughter, tuna noodle casserole (with the cheesy-potato chip crust on top) and peas (on the side).

    My son loves homemade Salisbury steak with roasted carrots and potato wedges.

  31. I butter someone up (or thank them for a favor they did for me) by giving them a dozen of Auntie Linda’s Amazing Chocolate Chip Ranger Cookies. This has been particularly effective with the IT support guys in every company where I have ever worked. I don’t know what it is, but technology support guys just LOVE these cookies, resulting in prompt and happy service for me!

  32. I want one! Thanks for the giveaway! You guys are amazing, I love your videos, recipes, everything! (are my efforts to butter you up working?).

  33. I butter up my family by making Navajo frybread. Before the wedding my soon-to-be mother-in-law taught me. Frybread works well for big social gatherings and work-related potlucks too. Everybody loves it!

  34. Two words…apple butter. Think Christmas, New Years, or Easter morning with fresh biscuits and real butter. It always makes you forget the rest of the usual breakfast goodies.

  35. I butter up friends and family by keeping things sweet. I keep bees, and give away honey, usually maple or blackberry/fire-weed. Some years I buy a gallon of maple syrup, and I add that to the gift basket. Love your program.

  36. Maple Butter Nut Granola from Cookus Interruptus — I butter up friends and family with my weekly batches…it works even better if I can deliver it warm in a mason jar tied with a ribbon.

  37. My 6 year-old daughter and I have recently discovered how easy it is to make things we had been buying – like jam, sauces, breads, etc. so this past month we have been making jams for all of our neighbors and have received a lot of positive feedback and warm feelings all around!

  38. Significant other by tidying the house or, even better, improving the garden/mowing, kids by sweet talking, family and friends with a phone call or gifts of home grown veg/fruit/eggs. Love butter! xo

  39. I butter someone up by doing a nasty unpleasant chore they’ve been putting off for ages. I try to make it a surprise.

  40. COOKIES! That’s how I butter up by hubby…the original cookie monster! Not too many or too often but you just gotta have a little sweetness once in a while, don’t you think?

  41. I want to butter up my daughter who always complains that the butter is to hard to spread. If she’s happy I’m happy!

  42. I butter up my husband by cleaning the house before he gets home. He is not a foodie 🙁 , but he is a Navy man who appreciates a ship shape home. It’s nice for him to come home from work and feel that he can relax because I’ve already done the dishes and picked up after the kids. It doesn’t happen everyday, so when it does he loves it.

  43. Oh, a great slow cooker roast ALWAYS does the trick! Either that or homemade cookies depending on what the buttering up is for!

    Thanks for the chance at the butter bell!!

  44. I just want to say that that Roberto guy is quite possibly the funniest, and sickest person around. And surely he is very smart and handsome, too. He deserves a butter bell just because of that.

    And that’s how I butter up my husband (who happens to be Roberto)…

  45. I don’t know what is more fun — this butter crock or reading everyone’s posts! Great ideas. My boyfriend moved with me from the Seattle area to Colorado so I could go to graduate school, so I butter him up by cooking dinners for the two of us to share most nights of the week, no matter how hectic school is. Sunday night dinners are particularly fun, but we can find any reason to celebrate and toast over dinner!

  46. I butter folks up by taking them some kind of yumminess in a squat little ball jar. In basil season it’s pesto which is my favorite, but it may be a home made salsa or hummus.

  47. I like to butter my husband up with his favorite food–southern cooking! My favorite dish to make is collard greens sauteed in butter (of course!) with some fresh shiitake mushrooms from our farm and some black-eyed peas. If I really want to butter him up I’ll add some sausage to the meal!

  48. I butter someone up with a bag of my cousin Maritherese’s homemade sea salt caramels. Buttery and addictive!

  49. For my sweetie, food is always the best butter upper. Most specifically, when he’s been working hard on some house project for hours, I spread the butter by showing up with a plate of sandwiches (home made bread, hummus, spinach, tomatoes), with some sliced apples. Mmm, perfect.

  50. How to Butter Someone Up:
    -1-2 lbs. organic butter,room temp.(have to approx. amt.depends on persons size.
    -clean hands
    -clean towel to catch any drips
    -an old shower curtain or drop cloth
    -new paint brush (I like the brushes used for enamel, they cover more area as they are thicker).
    -2 pair swimming goggles, in case butter splashes.

    I like to start with the feet. This way the “to-be-buttered-person” can get comfortable and see that buttering-up really is relaxing.
    Continue buttering-up the butterie using either your hands or the paint brush.
    Entire time: approx 30 min. to 4 hours.

    ** I was trying to be a little different…hope I didnt slide over the line 🙂

  51. I butter my family up with morning smile exercises, 10 smiles before breakfast is served! It’s a lot more fun than push ups!

  52. We regularly make salsa from my husband’s recipe. The batch makes about 5 quarts which must be eaten fresh. Several of our closest friends are recipients. Our favorites are those who save and return our canning jars and lids.

  53. I make anything with elderberries for my husband (doesn’t happen every year due to the lack of good picking where we live) – or buy him a lovely elderberry pie at the Farmer’s Market; get bread from our local bakery, which is baked fresh every day with freshly milled non-gmo grains for my boys; and everyone else – it is kale chips that I make in my dehydrator! We have left our butter on the counter for years but don’t have one of these cute butter bells!

  54. A special treat I like to make is oatmeal raisin cinnamon swirl bread. Kids love it and it makes the perfect ‘thank you’ gift. Perfect toasted with butter…!

  55. I can butter up anyone with my super-easy rum cake! And if they really need buttering up, I’ll consider giving the recipe too!

  56. I butter people up by picking fresh berries from a local farm and making blueberry and seedless red raspberry jams and gifting them along with homemade scones. There is something so souk satisfying about canning…and the best part is that you know what is in it! Oh that sweet blue bell would match my kitchen perfectly!!!

  57. Buttering people up is easy! Nearly everyone loves a dish made especially for them. I have all my family favorites ready to use for “buttering” an any given moment. But my favorite buttering up is still……..popcorn! Yes, real popcorn made on top of the stove with olive oil, and then buttered. Although a friend told me to try duck fat and curry…..whew.

  58. I find that wild huckleberry jam works wonders. Here’s a photo of my husband after a successful day harvesting berries in Schreiber’s Meadow near Mount Baker.

  59. I butter up people by giving them edible lovingly grown produce from my garden. Last season I had a plethora of tomatoes, made great friends with my neighbors and was given some amazing harvests back in return! It pays to share 🙂

  60. I find that one of the best ways to butter up women is by complimenting them on their shoes. With men, I have found that the best way to butter them up is to compliment them on their car (or other preferred mode of transportation – bicycle, motorcycle, skateboard, etc.).

  61. Home made 5 course meal starting with beet soup: thin sliced organic beets simmers in lots of butter with a pinch of sea salt then diluted with plain water and blenderize. Next grilled salmon with quinoa and garlic paste with steamed ribbons of kale. Then a veggie stir fry followed by a short walk. Return for a fruit and cheese platter plus some honey roasted pecans and little squares of dark high cocoa content chocolate. Finish with Roastaroma tea with heated hemp or almond milk. Ahhh! All is well!

  62. I really do like you guys a lot, even though I don’t do facebook. Connected with you after my daughter-in-law gave me a recipe from you. I love getting your wonderful recipes. And I would double-love getting one of the butter crocks. Yum, currently eating a lot of matzah with soft butter.

  63. I’m a pretty observant person, so I notice the subtle strengths and positive, unique qualities that people have and try to verbally acknowledge them, so that they know they’re appreciated and are a significant part of this enormous web we live in.

  64. I tried to butter up those people that I want to do something nice for by trying to doing something thoughtful. Often that involves either cooking or knitting..

  65. The way that I butter someone up is to tell them about my travels and the wonderful food that I experienced. I then tell them about my new cookbooks and how I’ve been practicing so that I could cook a meal for someone with sophisticated tastes. I then pause, and tell them that they would be a perfect dinner date. I invite them to dinner, bring out the fine china, silver and crystal and spoil them with yummy food!!
    Of course I have also liked you and the butter bell and shared with all of my friends and family. They will adore your antics!! And recipes!!

  66. I like to butter people up with random acts of thoughtfulness…like handing out Valentines for Valentine’s Day…like elementary school style. People love it. Seriously!

  67. I butter up my friends and family with cookies. Every xmas I bake several kinds and give them out as gifts, but the one I get the most complements on is my oatmeal cookies, which I throw in whatever I have around – chocolate chips, coconut, dried fruits, nuts. Thanks!

  68. I’ve been called a “flatterer” and that is true. I usually start with some sweet words about their cooking, asking them questions about their recipes whilst smacking my lips as I eat their food. Then if we have a chance, I like to find out more about their journey with food and cooking. People have fascinating stories and love to talk about them. So listening and licking my chops are my best buttering up techniques.

  69. I like to butter someone up by bringing them a little something they’ve mentioned they enjoy, whether it’s good chocolate, seasonal fruit, or a treat I’ve made myself.

  70. I love to give people bread, graham crackers, and what not. But, when I’m really trying to butter someone up, I do it with a tub of my homemade lotion. Pun intended. I do give away a lot of lotion but rarely lube people up. 😉

  71. I love to “butter” people up with my carmelized onion, mushroom, and kale pizza.. Butter is the thing that really makes the greens pop!

  72. I butter them up with thoughtful cards or home-baked goodies (especially with surprising ingredients!). Some examples… last week I gave a celiac neighbor black bean brownies (grain-free!) for keeping an eye on package arrivals while we were out of town… I brought nettle tea to share at my internship (where most folks have learned that nettles are something to be completely avoided having been stung)… and I bring horseradish-hijiki potato salad to BBQs at another neighbor’s house because I know he doesn’t like mayo!

  73. I butter someone up with homemade granola with their favourite ingredients: toasted almonds, pecans, or cashews? dried cherries or apricots? a sprinkling of cocoa nibs? Serve it over fresh Greek-style yoghurt with or without a sliced banana and you’re set for all day 🙂

  74. I butter my family up by having the smell of homemade bread through the air as the come home for the day. A large slice of hot bread with butter and strawberry jam. Yum!!

  75. the only time i need to butter people up, is if i’m looking for a babysitter. i let my cute babies do the buttering. works every time for maw maw and mimi.

  76. I would love a butterbell. I butter up my husband with his favorite meal Beef tenderloin, baked potatoes and biscuits.

  77. I butter up my husband by making maple cinnamon butter for his bagels and cornbread. I love it on baked sweet potatoes. Add maple syrup (the real kind!) and cinnamon to your taste, and whip in mini food processor or mixer!!!

  78. While I love me some butter, I don’t have a way that I butter people up. I let my compliments be compliments, my gifts are gifts, and anything nice I do simply because I want to!

  79. I can butter up my wife by cooking her favorite cookus recipe. Currently it is Spiced sweet potatos with apples and kale. Coincide tally that recipe takes 2 tbsp butter.

  80. I give friends produce from my organic garden. Right now, I have kale, collards, peas, spinach, and fava beans that I can share.

  81. Well, since I’m new to the ‘whole food’ world & still just learning (read: have no idea what to give people for food when I’m still trying to figure out what I should eat :)), I opted for a non food butterying up answer.
    I find that using people’s names and looking them in the eye (with my Irish eyes that are usually smiling) is the 1st step to ‘buttering them up’. Another major component is to ask questions… about them… take an interest…remember things they’ve told me in the past and then follow up on those things. some might call it ‘buttering up’, some might also call it caring about others. Either way, people are far more apt to be open and friendly and interested & willing when I care about what they care about. 🙂
    PS-I’d reeeeaaaaallly like a Butter Bell Butter Crock… and I’d ‘share’ my gratitude 1200+friends on FB 🙂 🙂

  82. These are great! I could really use on for my homemade butter. How I butter someone up…offer our chickens’ eggs to them. We only have 6 hens, and the eggs are so precious to us. If I really like you I’ll share some. 😉

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