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Just My Opinion by Steve

There was an overwhelming response to the “bath vs. shower” entry, (4 responses at this writing), so lets talk about the size of our bath towels. Bath towels are five times larger than they need to be.

It’s gotten so that every stage of self cleaning is designed to build self esteem, which is achieved through luxury!

Since no one is watching me when I dry myself, I see no need to use a beautiful towel. And when I do use a large fluffy towel it does not make me feel special.

I understand the need for guest towels.  That has been drilled into me. But when it comes to drying myself off, I use what might be considered by other family members to be a small rag, and then I wipe the tub and the floor with it when I’m done.

Does anyone remember the book, or the old film, “Cheaper by the Dozen“? There’s a great scene of the dad teaching the kids how to take a bath. Now I can relate!  Just look at the savings in laundry costs, of time, water and money.  Just my opinion.

5 thoughts on “Just My Opinion

  1. When I was in Middle School I acted in my first play – Cheaper by the Dozen. I was one of the dozen kids. I clearly remember the Papa giving the lesson on bathing. Up one arm and so on. Very specific instructions. Bizarre that you know this literary reference.

  2. I’m one that loves a big bath towel. I grew up using very worn, thin towels so as soon as I was on my own, I bought nice, big bath towels. I don’t see it as wasteful though since we all use our towels for one week and then launder them. I figure we’re clean when we get out of the shower so why wash it each time.

  3. I read the book as a kid (I was the nerd who’s idea of heaven was rummaging through my parents old books) and remember reading the section you mention. While I can see the point if one is sharing a single bathroom with a dozen plus.. or in a military hurry – for me?

    Big towel, hot bath, long soak. I’ve trimmed in almost every other aspect of my life, trying to be a bit greener, a bit more economical – here is one place I don’t fuss about.

    It isn’t really about luxury in my case though – My hair – when wet – is nearly long enough to sit on these days. A thin small towel isn’t going to get that mass dry… and my husband gets all pouty if I talk about cutting it!

  4. I loved the huge, thick bath towel concept until we got them and I realized they take FOREVER to dry (maybe it’s a PNW problem?) after being used. And unlike a friend I knew in school, I don’t need a fresh towel for each shower so grabbing a damp towel, well, puts a damper on things.

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