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Just My Opinion by Steve

Bath or Shower?

Showers are too long. Of the people with whom I’m intimate enough to know how many minutes they spend in the shower, the vast majority waste a ton of water. I’m sure they think of it as “me time”; a special, private moment to relax and let  hot water run over their  body while they let the creme rinse take hold.

Meanwhile,  the one who pays (his share of) the bills is not relaxing at all.  That person is listening to the water run. He who truly cares about the environment feels more baffled and betrayed each minute the water runs as he holds a flashlight to the water meter and watches its maniacal spin.

There’s no reason to keep the water running while you’re washing your hair. Get it wet, turn off the water, shampoo, then turn it back on and finish your shower.

Try this: Keep the plug in while you shower.  If you use more water than you would if you took a bath, then start taking baths.  It’s more luxuriant anyway.  You can soak.

Just my opinion.

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  1. Thank you! I have a claw foot bath tub. My 14-year-old son finally graduated out of baths and into showers, so his dad rigged up a shower curtain around the tub. He wastes so much more water taking showers than baths. Plus, when we were restricted to baths, we actually used to recycle the water. One would take a bath, and the next would reuse the water to get clean. Sounds kind of gross, but really, we need to be a lot more obsessed with sustainability in our society than cleanliness.

  2. Big fan of the 5 minute shower! Water is too precious. If it’s a “shaving” day then I do that while no water is running. I know it might sound extreme, but it’s not the money spent, it’s considering the “waterless” people around the world that makes me go faster. We are SO spoiled.

  3. Water rationing will make you look at showering in a whole new way. When I was a kid we lived in Okinawa and experienced a season long serious drought one summer. Water was rationed- only turned on every other day for two hours. You filled all your containers, toilet tank, tub etc while the water was on. You couldn’t drink it out of the tap and drinking water all had to be treated with chlorine.

    We showered every other day despite the 100 degree heat and then got a small bucket with holes on the bottom like a camping shower with just one bucketful of water to get the job done. That used water was collected and kept in tub to use as toilet flushing water.

    We also didn’t flush the toilet after each use, only when accumulation had occurred. Ever since I’ve been mindful of how much water I use and turn off tap when shaving my legs, shampooing, tooth brushing, etc.


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