Just My Opinion

Just My Opinion by Steve

I recently took 9 van loads  from our garage to a huge community rummage sale. I haven’t felt this good in 2 years. My wife was out of town and I made decisions that will never come to light. I  called her a couple  times to ease her anxiety about losing something essential, and I did so artfully.

You must be proactive about these calls. Call #1 concerned something I knew she would want to keep.  Call #2 was about something innocuous, and designed to make her think that I was being overly cautious. Call #3 was just to say hi.

Lots more could go, but my garage floor is back. Someone could actually park in there. And I can sell the stuff I kept on eBay, after Cynthia registers that it’s still around. But whenever in doubt, throw it out. I’m telling you, I feel alive.  Colors are vivid. The view from one end of my garage to the other is as meaningful as any vista.

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