Do you clean as you go?

dirtydishesinvernonhillshome1I read the “substitution” blog comments to a room of aunts and cousins and had their rapt attention. Animated discussion broke out. Everyone had an “aha” moment. Keep ‘em coming! The Top-10 list will be announced next week along with the apron winner.

This week’s discussion: Why do some people clean as they cook as others leave a mess to be cleaned up later? Is it Gender? Heredity? Personality? Upbringing? Selfishness? Commercial training? What do you do? Why?

4 thoughts on “Do you clean as you go?

  1. Sadly, I’m a slob at heart. But my most successful and fun cooking times always start with a large bowl of soapy water placed in my kitchen sink. That way I can clean as I go by putting utensils into the water and washing as I go.

    As I’m married to Mr. Compulsively Neat and we’ve been married for 20 years now, I KNOW it’s possible to change and I’m proof!

  2. I guess I’m kind of a variety garden–sometimes clean as I go (love myself when that happens) and sometimes a bit messy. I do think a good, reliable, user-friendly kitchen with good work surfaces–what I think of as a “cook’s kitchen”–is a help. Ever since I had a troubled corner of my kitchen redone that added much-needed counter space, and a gas stove that I love, (5 beautiful burners no less) I’ve found it much easier to cook without leaving a mess, and a lot more fun too. What a beautiful investment!

  3. Like Lynne Lillie- I’m a sometimes cook as I go, sometimes create utter chaos as I go. Seems like the biggest factor of which part of me wins out is what I’m cooking and how much time I have. If I’m struggling to whip up dinner at 8:30 pm, I make a huge mess and Mr. I Can’t NOT Clean Up After You comes to the rescue just before it’s time to sit down to eat. Likewise, if I’m making something that requires many steps and addition of warm this to whipped that- I’ll probably make a mess that will get cleaned up after the food is set to simmer or popped in the oven. On a rare occasion I’ve got plenty of time to chop, dawdle, sift and/or stir and then, I have the bowl of soapy water in the sink and I clean as I go.

  4. Being naturally messy, I am grateful for an older mom who mentored me when I was young. She taught me the benefit of cleaning up every cooking dish before sitting down to eat. I don’t do it every day, but it is like heaven when we sit down to eat in a clean kitchen, and after dinner clean-up takes only a few minutes.

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