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Feeling a Cold or Flu Coming On?

Try this.

I’ve nipped countless colds in the bud doing this.

Auntie Bean’s “Kill It Before It Comes” Regimen miso-happy-broth

This practice comes from Jennifer Adler, MS, CN who is adjunct faculty at Bastyr University and owner of Passionate Nutrition .  Jennifer teaches the Therapeutic Whole Foods Cooking courses at Bastyr which are wildly popular (SRO).

  • If you feel a cold, flu or illness coming on, prepare Miso Happy Broth or STRONG Ginger Tea. The ginger warms the body and helps fight infection, the miso offers probiotics which can kickstart the immune system.
  • Put a warm hat on and get in a hot bath.
  • Drink the soup/tea while taking the bath.
  • Get out, put on sweat pants and sweatshirt and get under the covers in bed.  Keep your hat on.
  • Take a long sweaty nap.

This regime helps the body create the fever it needs to burn out the illness before it takes hold.



Veganism vs. Paleo: Cookus Welcomes All


Ellen DeGeneres, an avid vegan celebrity, raised a kerfuffle the other week by mentioning on her show that she eats her neighbor’s chicken’s eggs. The same day I was alerted to the Ellen egg news I was shopping at Whole Foods and noticed a new magazine on the racks titled PALEO, and nearby a loaf of something called “Paleo Bread” that had a pretty quirky list of ingredients.  Both of these restrictive diets, veganism and the paleolithic diet,  have benefits but if you intersect the two – well I think only lettuce, some fruit and nuts would make the list. Fascinating that these two dietary regimes are in vogue at the same time.

I thought it might be a good time to remind our Cookus Viewers that we WELCOME ALL to our site.  I know that we would be much more wildly popular if we would just set up camp in one extreme diet or the other.  But the truth is we embrace ALL fresh-from-nature whole foods and aim to supply a variety of recipes that fit those simple parameters.

A wise person once told me that “acceptance” of people who hold an entirely different point of view is fairly advanced.  First we must begin with tolerance.  Of course this doesn’t just apply to diet and food.  Whatever your food beliefs, loves, or restrictions, we hope that you’ll tolerate our open-minded approach to eating.  One that values Ellen’s pasture-raised egg as much as a raspberry from the garden, one that sees a good belly laugh as health-giving as  organic kale.