So you really want to know what is the best sewing machine? A lot of people opt to sew with old, vintage or antique sewing machines for different reasons. One of the best reasons why so many people choose to use these old machines is that they are some of the best sewing machine you can buy. They built them right in the old days. It has been indeed proven in the past few years that these machines were really the best machines around. Unlike modern computerized machines that will break on you after only a few years of usage. One of the best sewing machines

Using the best antique sewing machines

I have personally used an antique treadle sewing machine for several years now and it has never let me down. Now I have to let you know I'm an average sewer at best but the sensation of sitting behind something so immaculately built is just pure satisfaction. As soon as you get to know the inner workings of your machine, using it is just like riding a bike. It'll be second nature to you. Everything you sew with the sewing machine is satisfying. Even those projects where your stitches come out all crooked will be rewarding to you. It's that same feeling your get when you first remove the training wheels of your bicycle and are able to ride without them. It's like that with sewing too. You know that you've got the best machine and with a bit of practice, there will come a time when you start making the best fashion and home items. With your bicycle, there are ones you'll get from big department stores and then there are those that you get from your local bike shop. It is the same with sewing machines. There are machines made from plastic parts and flimsy material that are basically "throw away" machines that break down very easily. Then we have the antique machines what were built to last generations. I know people who have vintage sewing machines that have been passed down for several generations. What you get with these machines are stunning designs, solid build, and durable materials. Unlike bicycles, the heavier the sewing machine, the better it is. Heavy, cast iron machines are the way to go.

The Different Vintage Sewing Machines

So are all old machines built the same? The answer is no. They come in different styles, different functions, and different price levels. You have machines built for hobbyists and then you have machines built for industrial sewing. What makes antiques some of the best sewing machines is that you can always rely on them work the same way each and every time. So which machines have made it onto my best antique sewing machines list? The machines I've picked have been chosen because they are simply the best. They are suitable for anyone and for almost any project you want to undertake. They are reliable and awesome at sewing. They've demonstrated throughout the years that their quality and reputation are guaranteed. A sewing Machine So what exactly do I mean when I say antique or vintage sewing machine. According to some people, they prefer machines the were made before the 1920s but even though these machines may be great, they may not be practical for everyone. They were mostly hand-cranked or come with a foot pedal. So even though you might be looking for the best sewing machines that are antique, you should also be prepared to go a bit more modern for practical reasons. There are antique electric sewing machines and you need to embrace those as well. So in my research, I have come to the conclusion that the best vintage machines are those electric sewing machines made in the 1940s to 1960s. They were also made with heavy cast iron materials. They feature many conveniences such as pedals, motors, lights and so on, which were not on their predecessors. What I've also discovered is that some of these machines have barely been used by their previous owners. People use it for a few projects and then pack them in for decades. The sewing shop buys them and cleans them up and then puts them up for sale.

So which best sewing machines make the list?

OK before going on I have to let you know that every machine on this list is a Singer sewing machine. Throughout the years, I have found that vintage Singer sewing machines are just the best out there. You can't go wrong them. The built is hight quality and their performance is top notch. They are also on the list because everyone is familiar with them. We all love using them because they are great. So without talking any longer than I need to do, here are the five best sewing machines that are vintage or antique.
  • Singer 201
  • Singer 66-16 or newer
  • Singer 15-91
  • Singer 221
  • Singer 301
You can buy old singer machines on sites such as eBay. Have fun sewing with the best machines.